DC Collins' Talens

Compiled by DC Collins (korik@eskimo.com)

The following is just a brief list of the many Talens that I know of created outside the WW books, and just a miniscule fraction of the possibilities. This is from a list created for LARP, but for you tabletoppers out there, it won't take much effort to convert them.

Dollar Bill of Creation Talen (L) U139

It always seems to take money, even to create something from nothing. A Color Cloud is bound to a Dollar Bill. Any non-tech item of mass up to the mass of a Garou can be created with the loss of the Dollar. Charm: Create object.

Card of Information Talen (L) U139

This is a blank 3"X5" card. An Informational Geomid is bound to this card. Upon activation, any one question the owner speaks will be almost instantly filled in on the card. It doesn't matter how secret something is. With the Charm; Information Link, the Geomid has access to the entire Pattern Web, and Everything is connected to the Pattern Web. Vampire Havens, Garou Havens, Black Spiral Hives, Mage Nodes, a person's True Name, the source of an attack, a Chantry Location, etc. can all be discovered by use of this Talen.

$100 Bill of Life Drain Talen (L) U139

Taking someone's life-force is even more expensive. This bill has a Strand Spider bound to it. Using the Charm: Gnosis Drain, the Spirit drains three Gnosis from the Target. If the Target has no Gnosis, it drains health levels instead (Aggravated).

Rope of Strangling Talen (L) W:tA134

A City Spirit is bound to the rope. Upon contact with the Target, and activation, the rope automatically wraps around the Target's neck and chest. In a contest of the Spirit's Mental vs. the Target's Physical, each win by the Rope does one level of damage. Ties are resolved normally. Each win by the Target prevents one level of damage. When the Target reaches 0 Health, she will be unconscious, and the rope will stop the attack. Three consecutive wins by the Target lets her escape the rope completely. Mob Rule applies for the Target. If the Rope is cut, any pieces large enough will continue the attack.

Coin of Loss Talen (L) W:tA134

Any coin can have any of the following spirits bound to it: Dream Bane Phragment (U144), Mind Spider (U139). If activated, the possessor or the coin may lose Willpower, Rage or Gnosis. This is a contest between the Spirit's Mental (8) and either the Target=92s Social or Mental, whichever is higher. The typical Spirit has 8 Power. Therefore it may make 8 attempts. One Target only.

String of Intangibility Talen (L) U139

A Color String has been bound to this piece of string. When activated, the user becomes completely intangible for 3 turns, plus 3 turns per Gnosis spent. During this time, the user is completely immune to Charms, Disciplines, Spheres, Gifts, etc. of any sort, and may pass through anything. The user is also completely unable to affect the world around her, physically or with Charms, Gifts, etc. Charm: Intangibility

Armor Coin Talen (L) PG134

This metal coin has a Metal Elemental Bound to it. The Talen provides the Charm: Armored Sheath. When activated, this Talen effectively provides invisible armor for the scene. The armor is worth +5 traits of Rugged.

Coin Tool Talen (L) PG134

This is a coin with a Metal Elemental bound to it. Once, it will turn the coin into anything made of metal: From a weapon, (gun with no bullets, sword, etc.) to a tool, (wrench, screwdriver, lockpick) to a toy (bicycle, wagon) with all metal parts. This item may not exceed the mass of an average Garou. The Spirit can then control the item to attack, repair, or even play with the item. The Spirit has 8 of the traits appropriate for the type of control needed. Charm: materialize Tool.

Eye of the Snake Talen (L) W:tA264

This is any eye, whether real or not (of any creature) with a snake Spirit = bound to it. It provides the Shadowlord Gift Paralyzing Stare.

Majestic Feather Talen (T) W:tA264

This feather has a Falcon, Hawk, or Eagle Spirit bound to it. When activated, it provides the Silver Fang Gift Awe.

Cleansing Leaf Talen (L) W:tA264

This is a leaf with a Glade Child bound to it. The Glade Child provides one use of the Charm: Cleanse the Blight.

Lightning Claws Talen (L) W:tA264

An Electricity Elemental is bound into the Garou's claws. His claws do one additional wound level for the duration of a combat. The Garou may also completely scramble any electrical equipment, frying the more delicate ones, and burning out fuses in the rest. There is enough 'juice' to jump weaker fuses, such as in a car, and fry the equipment that the fuse protects. Charm: Lightning Bolts

Thought Phone Talen (L)

A Weaver Spider is bound into any kind of phone. When activated, the phone will transmit and read thoughts with any willing subject anywhere. Charm: Mindspeak.

Spirit Coin Talen (L)

Whatever spirit is bound to this coin (the spirit must have the Charm: Materialize), when activated, that spirit will materialize and do the user's bidding (including defending the user according to the spirit's abilities), for one scene. Charm: Materialize

ATM Card Talen (L) PG125

See Loon's Refund - A Net Spider is bound into an ATM card. Upon activation, the Net Spider finds an account through the ATM with enough cash, and withdraws $100 until the user loses two Simple Tests in a row.

Credit Card of Teleportation Talen (L)

Credit Cards are rumored to be able to 'take you anywhere'. Any spirit with the Charm: Reform is bound to the card. When activated, the Talen transports the user to any Predetermined location. This is usually a place of power/safety for the character. The location must be visited by the character, and that location written on this card before the Talen may be used.

Boundary Key Talen (L)

A Net Spider is bound to a key. The key will get the character safely by any boundary, be it a lock, bypassing a security feature, a computer password, an Umbral wall, etc., in the most logical fashion. For example, a door will unlock, the Guard will not notice the character, the Camera will not work, the password will be entered, a door will appear in an Umbral wall, etc. This works against only ONE boundary, not for a scene. Charm: Break Boundary

Popcorn Talen (L)

A fire spirit is bound to a popcorn kernel. Upon activation, (target must either hold the kernel or be hit by it), the kernel bursts into flame for 2 levels of aggravated damage. Charm: Affinity Attack

Luna's Armor Talen (L)

A Lune is bound into an article of clothing. This clothing must have a moon on it; painted, sewn, drawn, etc. The clothing will provide two additional health levels. Charm: Gift of Luna's Armor as an Affinity Defense.

Waters of Life Talen (L)

A Water Spirit is bound into a small vial of, you guessed it, water. The user must drink the entire bottle at once, or pour the entire contents over a wo und. When activated, the Talen will heal four levels of damage, or two aggravated wounds. Charm: Healing.

Vial of Fog Talen (L)

A water spirit is bound into a container. Upon opening and activation, a fog so dense you can't see your own hand in front of your face fills a 30 yd. ra dius in one turn. Charm: Obscure

Leaf of Tranquillity Talen (L) STHB

A Tree Spirit or Water Spirit (from a peaceful brook or the like) is bound into this Leaf Talen. When activated, all participating in the scene become calm. None may expend rage, or do violence. All players must Roleplay being calm. A WP point may be spent to overcome this effect for one turn. Duration, one scene.

Quicksand Talen (L) STHB

An Earth Elemental is bound is bound into a small pouch of sand. This Tale n allows the bearer to command earth. She may form quicksand, pits, tremors, landslides, and other phenomena. The Sand must be used on natural earth. The user spreads her fingers and lets the Sand sift through her fingers while she concentrates on the desired effect and location. The Location must be in s ight and covers an area up to about 40 yds wide. The effects may spread beyond the 40 yds naturally, such as in the case of a landslide. Tremors will knock targets down, as the Elemental is cooperating with the user.

Ring of Invisibility Talen (L)

A light spirit is bound into the ring with any kind of gemstone. The stone shines at all times, and even provides a small amount of light, like candlelight.. When activated, the spirit bends all frequencies of radio waves around the wearer. This includes audible frequencies (including sonar), inaudible frequencies (radar, etc.), and lightwaves. For up to one hour, the user is completely invisible and silent to any machine or being. The only way to detect this person is by scent.

Energy Coin Talen (L)

An Engling is bound into this coin. When activated, the User's Gnosis is returned to full; no more, no less.

Umbral Coin Talen (L)

A nature spirit is bound to this coin. This allows the user to see into the Penumbra and communicate with any spirits there within visual range. Lasts for one scene.

Universal Translator Talen (L) STHB

An Informational Geomid is bound to any speaker. It will translate any conversation it hears.

Memory Ribbon Talen (L) U50

Any Spirit from the Atrocity Realm is bound to a ribbon. This ribbon is tied to the wearer in some way. This ribbon prevents any one possession. This Talen must be created in the Atrocity Realm.

Wyld Stone Talen (L) U38

Any Spirit with Break Reality is bound to any gemstone. The stone appears to have shifting colors. This allows one use of the Charm: Break Reality.

Trenchcoat of Holding Talen (L) U138

A Weaver Construct is bound to the coat. The coat can actually be any size . Any mundane, non-specific item that can be concealed in the coat can be dra wn out from the coat, one time. This could be today's newspaper, a standard weapon (no military specific hardware), a laptop, scissors, a hatchet, etc.

Phreak Box Talen (L) U63

A Net Spider or other Computer Spirit is bound to a small TV/Video Game type switch box. This allows the user to open a doorway into and out of data clusters in the Computer Web. Or, it gives the user the power to shift directly from the Penumbra to the Computer Web.

ID Card Talen (L) U62

This card Identifies the user as an emanation from 'Downtown' to other Spirits.

Steel Fur Talen (L) U62

A Metal Elemental is bound to the coat of the Garou. One Form Only. This gives that form a completely chromed look. This soaks one level of damage, three times. Each time, the chrome look dissipates by 1/3 of the original until gone.

Feather of Hearing Talen (L)

A wind Spirit is bound to the feather. Like the Wendigo Gift: 'Speak With Wind Spirits', any conversation within approximately 50' radius may be overh eard clearly, as the Wind Spirits carry the sound back to the user.. This lasts for one scene, as long as the user pays attention.

Universal Screwdriver Talen (L)

A Weaver Spirit is bound to this screwdriver. Touch this screwdriver to any Tech Item, and the Spirit will 'possess' it and operate it as a human might. Charm: Possess Tech

Merciful Bullet Talen (L)

The Spirit of a Peace Officer's bullet is awakened. The bullet will do no damage when it strikes its target. However, the target is stunned and can only defend herself for one full minute. From the Gift: Merciful Blow.

Battery Bolt Talen (L) W:tA264

An Electrical Elemental is bound to a battery. Upon use, the battery sends a bolt of electricity at the target for 2 levels of damage. The usual test must be made to hit the target. Also, if the intended target touches the Talen, and the user activates it, the target is automatically hit for the 2 levels of damage.

Gremlin Key Talen (L) W:tA115

A Gremlin is bound to the key. All Tech Devices within 50' cease functioning for 5 turns, effectively "Turning Off". Gift: Jam Technology.

Silk of Cocooning Talen (L) W:tA115

A piece of silk contains any Insect of any Weaver Spirit. When activated, a thick opaque epidermis surrounds the user. The user is immune to fire, starvation, gas, aging, etc. While in the cocoon, attacks must do three or more levels of damage in one blow to affect the user, the cocoon soaking the first two. The cocoon is not damaged by the attack. The cocoon lasts for one scene, but if the user puts in extra gnosis, extra time is gained. 1 Gnosis 3D three hours, and each Gnosis thereafter doubles the time. Gift: Cocoon

Cat Eyes Talen (L) W:tA116

Anything with a cat symbol on it has a Cat Spirit bound to it. The user may see clearly in pitch darkness when activated. The user's eyes glow a lambent green. This lasts until the user wills the effect to stop.

Porcupine Quill Talen (L) W:tA117

A Porcupine Spirit is bound to the Garou. Upon activation, the Garou's FUR becomes bristly and sharp like quills. Crinos or Lupus forms only. Hard contact with the Garou will cause one level of damage to the attacker. In addition, all physical attacks by the user will cause one level of aggravated damage. Duration: Until the user ends it or shifts form.

Withering Bone Talen (L) W:tA117

Any venomous animal spirit is bound to the bone. Upon activation, if the target is touched by bone, the limb touched (must be an arm or leg) will wither and become totally useless. Those with regenerative abilities can heal the limb by 'healing' three levels of damage.

Coin of Madness Talen (L) W:tA117

Any Spirit of Madness or Trickery is bound to the coin. The coin must be in possession of the target. When activated, the target makes a simple test. If he loses, he gains one derangement (chosen by the Narrator or any acceptable third party) for one full week. If he ties, there is no effect, but another test must take place. If he wins, there is no effect and the challenge is over. For each loss, an additional derangement is gained for the duration.

Air Lord's Stone Talen (L) W:tA137

A Gemstone (semi-precious or better-what egotistic Elemental would accept less) has both an Earth and Air Elemental bound to it. Upon activiation, the user may telekinetically move substances up to 500 lbs. The substance moves no faster than a walk, but may be dropped at normal speeds. This affects one item only, once only (no on and off use - the user must concentrate), and lasts for one scene. The Gem turns to air as it is used.

Eternal Lighter Talen (L)

A Fire Elemental is bound to the lighter. Until fully activated, the light er uses no fuel. Once activated, the lighter consumes all remaining fuel. Activation summons a Fire Elemental to do the user's bidding. Elemental has the Traits: Brutal X2 Ferocious Quick Energetic. It also has the Charm: Burn. When an opponent (or anything else) is touched, the opponent takes one level of aggravated fire damage. 3 health levels - No wound penalties - Is mindless and does not engage in Social or Mental Challenges.

Breezy Feather Talen (L)

Until fully activated, this feather, when fanned will create a small, cooling breeze in the direction fanned, bringing comfort in hot weather. When activated, an Air Elemental is released, and will do the user's bidding. It has the Traits: Energetic Lithe Vigorous Graceful Quick. It has the Charm: Windstorm. It surrounds the user deflecting arrows and thrown objects. It also gives the user the Traits: Deflection X3 against bullets and the like. The summoner's foes must win a Physical Challenge with the the Elemental before they can close with the user. Thereafter, the Elemental may participate in a mob scene in defense of the summoner. 3 health levels - No wound penalties - Is mindless and does not engage in Social or Mental Challenges.

Earth Stone Talen (L)

This is a gemstone with a bound Earth Elemental. To a trained observer, the stone seems to weigh about five times normal. Upon activation, the Earth Elemental is summoned. It has the Traits: Brawny Enduring Stalwart Tough Rugged (Lethargic). It has the Charm: Entomb. Once the Elemental wins a Physical Challenge against a foe, that foe is trapped, and may not flee or engage others. It can only fight the Elemental from within. 3 health level s - No wound penalties - Is mindless and does not engage in Social or Mental Challenges.

Vial of Water Talen (L)

A Water Elemental is bound to this container. Until activated fully, this container will never run out of water. Each half hour, it will refill one cup of water until full. Once activated, the Elemental will do the summoner's bidding. It has the Traits: Enduring Resilient Tenacious Vigorous Lithe Slow. It has the Charm: Engulf. If the Elemental wins a Physical Challenge, a breathing foe will suffer one wound level from suffocation. Any foe so engulfed, breathing or not, will be down three traits on all challenges as the Elemental is interfering with their activities and senses.

Flying Feather Talen (L) W:tA135

A Bird Spirit is bound to a feather. Once activated, the user may hover and float in the air. She may move in any direction up to 10 MPH. This lasts for one hour, or until the user cancels it.

Truth Candle Talen (L)

Mix an amout of Sodium Pentathol with wax during the candle makeing process. Awaken the Spirit of the candle. As it burns and the scent is enhaled, all breathing the scent must tell the truth. Willpower must be spent to either lie, or even avoid answering truthfully.

Mirror Light Talen (L)

A Lune is bound to a small mirror. When the Garou breaks themirror, the silvery light of the moon reflects from the Garou. See the Silver Fang Gift: Lambent Flame.

Magnetic Water Talen (L)

An Electricity Elemental is bound to water containing iron oxide power (rust). The water becomes magnetic. When any object, orgainic or inorganic, is covered with the water, the object becomes electro-magnetic. Non-ferrous objects become non-magnetic when washed off well with clean water. Ferrous items become permanently magnetized. Stadard computers and other electrical/electronic equipment is screwed.

Floating Eye Talen (L)

This is a toystore fake eye. Built in is a microcamera/transceiver. A wind spirit is bound to the Talen. When activated, it will float along at up to Lupus running speeds, under mental control of the user. It sends audio/visual back to whatever receiving device it was attuned to when bound.

Super Rubber Suit Talen (L)

This is a full body suit made from the rubber of super balls. The Rubber Elemental is Awakened during the melting process. As the rubber cools, the owner is dipped up to her shoulders in the rubber. The Elemental protects the dippee from the heat as the suit cools. Once activated, the suit will bounce back most attacks to the wearer's body by giving the traits: Rebound X5 for one full combat challenge. The suit may be worn as long as desired, as it 'breathes', and small holes may be cut for waste release. Once used, the Elemental may be reawakened as often as desired. However, once the suit is peeled off, the original process must be recreated.

Holographic Projector Talen (L)

Any Spirit of Illusion or Trickery is bound into a hat, headband, or something similar. Once activated, a photograph or picture of the subject must be run across the Talen. This will quickly project an image of the picture around the owner of the Talen. Treat as the GlassWalker Gift: Doppleganger. Or, for the slow method, stand in front of a mirror and describe the appearance and mak e adjustments as you go. The effect will last up to one hour.

Air Purification Mask Talen (L)

This is a doctor's mask with a bound Wind Spirit bound to it. For up to an hour, it will completely cleanse the air that the wearer breathes, cleansing even Wyrm Tainted air as if using the Charm: Cleanse the Blight.

Clean Air Bomb Talen (L)

Water and Wind Spirits are bound to any sort of sealed container. Activate the Talen and throw it. Upon contact, it will break apart with a great WHOOSH. A great rush of humid wind will blow outwards (not enought to knock anyone over, but smaller loose items will blow away), coating everything in its path with its dampness. This coating works just as if the bound spirits are working together Cleansing the Blight in the area.

Rope of Climbing Talen (L)

A Gravity Spirit is summoned and bound to a rope. Upon activation, the spirit will reverse the gravity of the rope. One end will start to rise, at about 5 m.p.h., carrying up to 300 lbs, for up to 1 hour. If you want to hold it in place, you need to tie the other end to something very secure. After the one hour, it will fall like any other item.

Talking Parrot Talen (L)

This is one of those toy store parrots that repeats what you say. However, an Informational Geomid is bound to it. When activated, it will translate any language it can see (through the parrots eyes) or hear into any chosen language. It will speak the words softly. This lasts through one scene (one reading of any amount as long as the user is participating or any one conversation). If a conversation, it will also translate the user's spoken words back into the other language.

Silent Sponge Talen (L)

A Sound Spirit is bound to a sponge. Soak the sponge in any water-based liquid and activate the Talen. As the sponge dries out over a period of about an hour. The Spirit of Sound will collect all the sound waves within a 30 yd radius and deposit them in the sponge. This has two uses. First, nothing at all can be heard within the range, and no sounds within the range will escape the area. Second, those sounds are stored in the sponge. As the sponge is again soaked in water, it will reply the sounds originally trapped in it.