Adventures with the Faerie

So, you are now thinking...what do I do with all this. Well, beyond helping you develop the faerie to pester those stodgy ventrue, Silver fangs, hermetics, and wraiths...You could run a faerie focused chronicle!

The theme of Faerie is finding meaning for one's life. Many faeries find their meaning through joining a court, playing the Game Eternal through its rules, and adopting its philosophies. Others try to construct their own set of rules for the Game. Some reject meaning altogether...but their passions soon consume them and final chaos takes them. Faerie society encompasses a wide range of solutions to the problem of what to do with eternity.

While Faerie society is somewhat hierarchical, it is less so than the Camarilla or even the Garou. Faerie leaders hold sway through charm and their ability to come up with interesting entertainment. And if you don't like where you can always leave or go create a realm...if you dare.

Major Chronicle concepts

Merry Pranksters: This kind of campaign focuses on the Faerie wrecking havoc in the lives of mortals, supernaturals, and each other. It is most appropriate for Romany, Aesthetes, and possibly Seekers and Tinkers(wanting to see how people react to various pranks.) Some faeries see it as their duties to shake up the rest of the world out of their old ways of thinking. In alliance with Malkavians, Marauders, and other testers of the boundaries of reality, the characters do battle with the forces of boring normality, whether it be by ruining the best laid plans of mice and men or by forcing people to just break their ordinary routine...

Faerie Politics: If you thought the Jyhad was bad, just remember that the faerie have been playing the political game even longer (due to Arcadia Time Distortion). If nothing else, it is great for staving off the boredom that is one of the most feared enemies of the Fae. This could revolve around personal intrigues, court rivalries, power plays within courts, or playing political games with mortals and other supernaturals...which is rewarding but potentially very dangerous. And the long war of the Seelie and Unseelie continues. The Seelie and Unseelie courts are the two most caught up in political games.

Faerie Protectors: Many groups of Changelings place groups of mortals or supernaturals or a place that they love under their protection. This chronicle focuses around a group of changelings who have chosen to remain largely involved in mortal affairs to protect some place or people that they care about. This is a good choice for a cross-over campaign, as the Fae will certainly become entangled in the rivalries of other groups. This is good for Dryadic, Ascetic, Aesthete (to protect Art and artists) and Guardian fae.

Faerie Explorers: The Tellurian is a strange place, and many faeries want to see all they can of it. Some form bands to explore the strange reaches of the Umbra, Arcadia, and the mortal world. Perhaps they may even find the true rules of the Game Eternal somewhere out there....This is good for Romany (who love to wander) and Seekers (Who HAVE to know what is out there).