Character Creation

I'm going to assume anyone reading this has access to one of the storyteller games and can use that as a guide to generating their attributes, abilities, backgrounds, etc. New Abilities and backgrounds are defined below. Also, a character sheet will be provided elsewhere in these rules.

Step 1: Determine Character Concept

A. Determine Your Upbringing, Breed, Court, Nature, and Demeanor.


Faerie Changeling: Some faeries grow tired of their current identity. These faeries sometimes choose to become new again. They walk into the mists and vanish...and are born again as faerie children...with their old life and problems forgotten. The stork brings them, or they crawl out of a cabbage, or any of a variety of other interesting ways of reappearing... The Faeries have traditionally taken some of their children and switched them with human children shortly after their birth. These children are known as Faerie Changelings. They grow up more stable than Faeries raised in Arcadia. They are also the standard character type. Until Age 16, they appear as ordinary humans, at which point the Faeries come to induct them into Faerie society as the glamor that was put on them in infancy wears off. Faerie Changelings are immune to Arcadian-Time distortion, take aggravated damage from cold iron, and cannot use any faerie powers while in contact with cold iron. They are also immune to the Delirium and the Fog. Changelings heal one wound a day in Arcadia, the umbra, and the shadowlands, and as Mages in the physical realm.

Half-Faeries: These are created as Hunter characters. They have to buy the seven point Merit: Half-Faerie. This grants: Immunity to the Delirium, one pip in the breed power of the Faerie parent (Which can be improved with experience points), causes vulnerability to cold iron (but it isn't aggravated), and allows the character immunity to Arcadian time-distortion effects. They look human, but have a few characteristics that evoke impressions of their faerie blood. They heal at the same rate as ordinary humans.

Human Changeling: These are the humans who are carried off to Arcadia. They are raised to be a member of one of the faerie courts(depending on which one carried them off). They gain some faerie abilities--They can learn Court Powers, they gain invulnerability to the Delerium and Fog, and they can't be trapped in Arcadia by faerie food. They do not take aggravated damage from cold iron, but they can't use their powers while in contact with it. Human Changelings also have to worry about Stability. They have no breed power. Due to their upbringing, they can not spend their starting skill points on any technology related skill except Faerie Mechanics. They heal as Mages.


Alfar: Also called the Kind Folk. They are the elves of Nordic legend, the Tuatha De Danaan, and other human-like Fae. They are regal and a bit haughty generally. Their breed power is Mana manipulation.

Brownies: These are short (6 inches to 2 foot) humanoids who typically live underground or in forests. They are usually friendly and helpful, but enjoy playing pranks too. Their breed power is Earth.

Dopplegangers: Their base form is typically either human or like that of another faerie kind. Given that they are shapechangers, they often forget what their original self was like. They are quite varied in motivation and behavior, but usually prefer to trick their way out of trouble. Their breed power is Shapechanging.

Gremlins: Gremlins are about 4 inches tall. They are thin, wiry humanoids with big noses and strange clothing. Many dress in parody of some specific kind of mortal, especially one they are taunting. They usually have odd skin colors like chartreuse, teal, off-mauve...They enjoy pranking people. Their breed power is Luck.

Pixies: Think Tinkerbell. 1/2 inch to 2 inch tall naked winged humanoids. Pixies usually only wear clothing on "formal" occasions. They are flighty, but friendly, and often shy of bigger folk. They have wings and can fly at will. Their breed power is Air.

Phookas: Phookas resemble giant animals or humanoids with strong resemblance to some kind of animal. They are friendly, but often shy. Harvey from the movie Harvey was a phooka. Their breed power is Fade.

Goblin: These are the strongest of faeries. They tend to be crude, violent and strong. They range from the tiny, homicidal Red Caps to the huge and stupid Giants. Their breed power is Might.

Salamanders: They resemble red-scaled, reptilian humanoids. They range greatly in height from tiny 1/2 inch ones to 7 foot tall. They love fire and are most easily found at the sight of a major fire dancing in the flames. They are easily angered, but also easily calmed. Very passionate. They have Fire as their breed power.

Selkies: These are blue-skinned water faeries. They range in appearance from ordinary, but blue-skinned humans to mermaids or fish. They are quite moody. Their anger is much to be feared. The women seem to outnumber the men quite a lot in this tribe, but noone is sure why. Their breed power is Aqua.


What are faerie courts? Faerie courts are groups of like-minded faeries who share a common interpretation of the rules of the great game, the game Eternal. There are nine major courts. Each court is organized into bands of cooperating faerie who control a particular dominion of arcadia. They are loosely allied with each other in their competition to win the great game. Each band is usually led by a Faerie Noble. Courts are organized around a set of rules and behaviors that are believed to be the key to winning the great Game. Faeries use the term court both to refer to the leaders of the various faerie dominions, and to the overall alliances of faerie groups that share common philosophies.

Each court has a code of behavior which it believes is the key to winning the Game eternal. Some use an elaborate point system, while others keep track of how far along they are in other ways. By obeying these rules, Faeries gain certain powers---these are the court powers listed with each court. The powers of a given court can only be gained by members of that court...It flows from their identification with their internal philosophy.

The Seelie Court: Victory is to be gained through honor and strength, and your word is your bond. The codes of Chivalry must be observed. The Virtue of Honor is stressed. The Flaw of the Seelie Fae is their extreme devotion to Honor. They will never break their word. To even twist it requires the expenditure of a WP point and the failure of a Honor Roll(diff 6). This also causes them to lose one stability point.

Powers: Fae Sight, Kensai

Quote: My word is all the guarantee you will ever need.

The Unseelie Court: Victory is to be gained by causing suffering. Physical, mental, and spiritual pain are to be savored. Obey your superior until you can cast him down. The virtue of Fearlessness is stressed. The Unseelie are repulsed by Holy symbols, even in an unbeliever's hands. They must make an opposed roll: Their WP vs the Target's WP+Faith. In the presence of a religious ritual, they must make a Diff. 6 fearlessness check or flee screaming.

Powers: Glamor, Wrack

Quote: Bastard! I will rip out your heart at my leisure.

The Dryadic Court: Victory is to be gained by helping, controlling, and protecting the wilderness from enchroachment. We speak for the trees. The virtue of Compassion is stressed. Fire does aggravated damage(And +2 difficulty to soak) to dryadic Fae. They must make a Diff. 6 fearlessness check or run away from fire.

Powers: Flora, Fauna.

Quote: I speak for the trees. (Dr. Seuss--The Lorax)

The Tinker Court: Victory is to be gained by whomever builds the ultimate machine. If you can think of it, we can make it. The virtue of Fearlessness is stressed. Tinkers are insanely curious. They must make an Intelligence check at Diff. 6 or try something new regardless of danger.

Powers: Tinker, Machine Master

Quote: This is the alarm that goes off if the alarm to tell you it is malfunctioning doesn't go off.

The Romany court: Victory goes to the one with the most toys! Lie, cheat, romance, and steal your way to a bigger pile of stuff. And have fun too. But try to do it without hurting anyone, because violence is no fun. Fearlessness is stressed by the Romany. They are rather kleptomaniacal. They must fail an Honor check(diff. 6) not to take advantage of an opportunity to steal without getting caught if they see something valuable/pretty.

Powers: Persuade, Speed.

Quote: Your eyes shine with the glory of a night sky, my dear.

The Seeker Court: Victory goes to whomever knows the most. Through learning we gain wisdom and power. The primary Seeker virtue is Honor. Seekers often become lost in Thought. Seekers suffer +2 to perception difficulties outside combat situations because they are usually just not paying attention to what is going on.

Powers: Fae sight, Machine Master

Quote: Hmm. I wonder what that Tremere keeps in this rune covered box...

The Aesthete Court: Victory goes to whomever creates the most beauty. They range from those who are beautiful themselves, to singers, painters, and other artists. All focus on the creation of beauty. Their primary virtue is compassion. Like Toreadors, they often become lost in the contemplation of beauty.

Powers: Glamor, Beauty

Quote: A thing of beauty is a joy forever, but this is an agony forever.

The Ascetic court: Whoever perfects himself wins. They seek to master their body and appetites. Most faeries see them as quite crazy for doing this. They are the tiniest court, for they go the most strongly against innate faerie nature. Their primary virtue is honor. Their flaw is that they are repulsed by excess. They must make a WP diff. 6 roll to avoid fleeing the sight of excess.

Powers: Kensai, Self-Mastery

Quote: Your life is nothing but gluttony. I would be disgusted if I allowed myself to have emotions.

Guardian Court: Victory comes from helping others. The guardians do things ranging from helping with household chores to fending off supernatural threats to those under their care. Their primary virtue is Compassion. They are very compassionate. They must fail a Compassion check (Diff 6) not to try to help people who are worthy.

Powers: Persuade, Wrack

Quote: Whistle while you work.

I am going to assume you have a copy of one of the Storyteller system games to pick your nature and demeanor so I don't have to waste bandwidth listing them all.

B. + C: Determine Attributes and Abilities

This uses the standard storyteller attributes and abilities, so I won't waste bandwidth on them, except to list and explain the new Abilities used by Faeries. Faeries get 7/5/3 in attributes, and 13/9/5 in abilities.


Art: This reflects your ability to create and appraise art--everything from computer animation to line drawings to sculpture...

* Novice: You like to doodle.

** Practiced: You took Art classes in High School

*** Skilled: You have a reputation as an artist among your court.

**** Expert: You could make a living off your art. If you are not a member of the Aesthetic court, they wish you were.

***** Master: You will be remembered for your art even after you die. You are already inspiring artists who imitate your style. The Aesthetes love you.


Faerie Lore: This reflects overall knowlege of the breeds and history of the faeries. It also reflects one's ability to obey faerie etiquette and experience with the geography and rules of Arcadia.

* Novice: Can recognize faeries. Well, sometimes.

** Practiced: Knows the traditional faerie weaknesses, breeds, and habits

*** Competent: Could visit Arcadia without making a fool of herself

**** Expert: Knows more than most faeries

***** Master: Oberon comes to you for advice.

Specialties: Breeds, History, Faerie Circles, Arcadia, Faerie Customs

Possessed by: Faeries, half-faeries, Mages, occult scholars, students of Medieval Culture, Malkavians

Gambling: This covers games of chance or partial chance that are typically bet on. Dice, cards, Lotto, Roulette, etc... You know how to calculate the odds, bluff, cheat, and detect cheating.

* Novice: You know how to play poker...and even win sometimes

** Practiced: You can win a back-alley craps game

*** Competent: You enjoy your trips to Vegas

**** Expert: The casino owners fear your trips to Vegas

***** Master: You'd dice with the Devil, but you've already taken him for all he's worth last week.

Specialties: Casinos, Bluffing, Cheating, Dice, Cards, Machine games

Possessed by: Romany Fae, Gypsies, Con men, Gamblers, street punks

Gamesman: This covers games of skill and strategy. Chess, Go, Wargames, etc... You know how to size up your opponents, deduce their strategies, and find the best strategy to defeat them.

* Novice: You enjoy an occassional game of Checkers

** Practiced: You were in the Chess club

*** Competent: You win wargame tourneys at Cons

**** Expert: You are a Go master.

***** Master: --You enjoy playing multiple games of Kriegspiel simultaneously while blindfolded.

Specialties: Go, Chess, Wargames, Checkers, Blindfolded

Possessed by: Seekers, Ventrue, Gamers, Chess players


Court Lore: This encompasses knowlege of the politics of Arcadia, and the philosophical systems of the Faerie courts.

* Apprentice: You usually remember your own court's rules

** Journeyman: You usually remember what the other courts are.

*** Master: You know the purposes and powers of all courts and have some knowlege of faerie politics

**** Scholar: You know the rules of the courts better than most of their practicioners and know most of the intrigues of the courts

***** Sage: Faerie Queens and Kings come to you for counsel.

Specialties: Court Rules, Court Powers, Intrigue, History, Philosophy

Possesed by: Seekers, Faerie leaders, Magi, Malkavians, Seelie, Unseelie

Faerie Mechanics: The rules of Science are different in Arcadia. Some would say Arcadia has no logic, but you know better. You know how to build machines and exploit the physical "laws" of Arcadia.

* Apprentice: You can operate a Tinker's machine without being guaranteed to die.

** Journeyman: You can figure out what most Tinker machines do.

*** Master: You understand how to build common Faerie giant ornate spring powered clocks, or steam powered temple door openers.

**** Specialist: You could build a spring and clockwork powered car.

***** Sage: You could build a clockwork computer.

Specialties: Vehicles, Chemistry, Arcadian Physics, Clockworks, Steam, Springs*

Possessed by: Seekers, Tinkers, Sons of Ether, Malkavians, Kiaysids, Steamologists.*

D. Pick Powers, Virtues, Willpower, Backgrounds, Merits, Flaws

Faeries recieve three points to distribute among their breed and court powers. The Powers are described in the power section.

They receive a free pip in each of the virtues, and seven discretionary points.


Compassion: This represents the degree to which the changling views the needs, health, and honor of others as important.

Honor: This represents how well the changeling sticks to the Rules of the Game Eternal.

Fearlessness: This represents the ability of the Changeling to stare death in the face and poke him in the eye.

See the section on Stability for the description of how these virtues work.

All Faeries get three points of Willpower for free. The rest must be purchased with Freebie points. (See Section E.)


Faeries can have Arcane, Allies, Contacts, Dream, Fame (in Arcadia or mortal world...count seperately), Influence(Ditto), Mentor, Resources(Ditto), or the following special backgrounds:

Companions: This is supernatural contacts. Each pip represents one supernatural friend, such as a werewolf, mage, wraith, or Vampire known by the faerie.

Status: * Known

** Respected

*** Hero

**** Champion

***** Knight

Faerie Merits and Flaws

Most Merits and flaws can be drawn from the mage, Werewolf and Vampire player's guide. Only Merits and flaws that need modified for these rules or that are unique to faeries are listed.


Honorable (one point merit): You are a faerie who is honorable almost beyond belief. Add three extra dice to any attempt to resist supernatural persuasion to break your code of honor (your Court path)

Brave Heart (two point merit): This merit adds two to the difficulty of any effort to inspire fear in the faerie, and subtracts two from the difficulty of any Fearlessness Check to resist fear.

Phobias: Faeries resist Phobias with Fearlessness...


Artistic Inclination (one point merit): You have a knack for art. Reduce all art-related difficulties by two.


Seeker trained (three pont merit): You have been well educated by Seekers. Gain -1 to the difficulty of using any knowledge you possess. (This can be combined with Jack-of-all-trades to get -1 to the diff. of any knowledge or skill.)

Romany "trained" (three point merit): You have lived with the Romany and learned what they can teach. Gain -2 to difficulty of pick pocketing, picking locks, stealth, and seduction.

Arcadian navigator(three point merit): You understand how Arcadia is interconnected better than most. You have a -2 to any attempt to find your way about Arcadia. You are immune to the ritual Shroud the ways.

Anachronism is a common flaw of humans raised in Arcadia....


Immunity to Faerie Food (two point merit): This is a half-faerie merit only. It renders the half-faerie immune to the strange effects that Faerie food has on non-Arcadians.

Second Sight (three point merit): You can learn the Fae Sight power even if you are not from the appropriate court.

Strong Breed (three point merit): You have a knack for your breed power. -2 to all difficulties with it.

Powerful breed (five point merit): You have a -2 difficulty with any breed power you learn. You can learn breed powers without needing a teacher who knows the power. A half-faerie with this merit can learn other breed powers, but gains no reduced difficulties with them, unless she buys the power twice.

Iron Tolerance (five to seven point merit): Some faeries have less vulnerability to Iron than others. As a 5 point merit, you no longer fear the sight of it, and can touch it without taking damage...but a blow is still aggravated. With the six point merit, even a blow inspires no fear, but the damage is still aggravated. With the seven point merit, Iron does no worse damage than any other weapon.

Banished by Church bells (one point flaw): You must make a fearlessness check at difficutly 6 whenever you hear churchbells, or flee.

Unable to Enter Holy Ground (two point flaw): You are unable to enter consecrated ground. You must make a fearlessness check to do so. You must check every round you are on the consecrated ground. If confronted by someone with True Faith on consecrated ground, you must flee. (You can spend a WP to get a fearlessness check.)

Bound By Iron (five point flaw): You suffer from the curse of being vulnerable to being controlled by someone who touches or binds you with iron. If they know to take advantage of it, they can attempt to command you while touching you with Iron. They roll WP vs. Your WP (Difficulty 6). If they get more successes, you have to obey the first command they give you. After a number of days equal to their successes, you can roll again to shake off the command. If they botch, they can never attempt to command you again. If you botch, you must obey them until someone else successfully binds you with Iron. This flaw does however give you the benefit that you do not suffer damage from touching Iron. However, you still fear it, and it still does aggravated damage to you.

Powerless on Consecrated Ground (five point flaw): On Consecrated ground, you cannot use any faerie powers or sorcery. You still heal as normal.

Night Faerie (seven point flaw): You are a faerie of the night. Daylight is painful to you and possibly fatal. Exposure to sunlight for you is like being on fire for other people. (Use normal fire damage rules.)

E. Spend your Freebie points

Ability              Starting                         Freebie cost to raise
Virtues              1 free in each; 7 discretionary  2 per point
Stability            Varies by Court                  1 per point
Attributes           1 free in each; 7/5/3 discret.   5 per point
Abilities            13/9/5 discretionary
Willpower            3                                1 per point
Powers (note 1)      3 discretionary                  7 per point
Backgrounds          5 discretionary                  1 per point
Freebies             15 points

Note 1: Faeries can't buy the powers of other courts with freebies, but they can buy the powers of other breeds.