* Divine Visage: Add Beauty to your Appearance score

** Beautiful Creation: Add Beauty rating to your dice pool for any use of an Artistic skill (Performance, Expression, Sculpting, Painting, etc.)

*** Aura of Beauty: This ability is the same as Awe (Presence)

**** Beautiful Vista: You can imbue an area with Beauty for one hour per success on a App+Beauty check (d. 6) All in area are calmed and Awed (spend WP to resist).

***** Inspire Beauty: You can give a person a bonus to Appearance equal to the number of successes received from a Per+Beauty roll(d.6) for a number of days = your beauty rank. Their Appearance can't rise above your Beauty rank

****** Divine Aura: Others worship your beauty. You can command them by making a Beauty+Leadership vs. WP+(Self-control: Humans/Vampires, Gnosis: Werewolves, Spirits, 1/2 WP: Mages, Faeries(or Beauty if it is possessed)

******* Inspire Love: Anyone who sees you must roll WP vs your App+Beauty or fall madly in love with you

******** Preserve Beauty: You can prevent anything from losing its beauty ever for a number of decades = # of successes gained on a roll of Beauty (D. 8)

********* Radiate Beauty: Everything in a 1 mile radius gains a bonus to App=your Appearance

********** Glimpse the Transcendant: Grant yourself or someone else a vision of the Transcendant Ultimate of Beauty. Requires spending a permanent WP point. The vision lasts a number of Hours=Target's highest Artistic skill. The Target recovers all WP, gains a number of skill pips for artistic skills=the number of hours the vision lasts, and gains Artistic aptitude(-2 Difficulties to Artistic skills). They also can gain the answer to one question. This vision can only be experienced once in each being's lifetime. Anyone who has seen the transcendant can now improve artistic skills up to 10.


* Sense Element: Per+Alert (d.6) to detect and analyze the nearest quantity of your element

** Shape Element: On a roll of Int.+ Elemental Power (d.6), the character may reshape an amount of available element--1 success: 1 pound, 2 successes: 10 pounds, 3 successes: 100 pounds, 4 successes: 1000 pounds, etc.

*** Move Element: Character can move existing elements or use them as a weapon (Use appropriate skill as if character was physically lifting/moving it)

**** Conjure Element: On an Int+Elemental power(D.8), the character can conjure an amount of the appropriate element (as per shape element--or (fire/air) 1 success: a tiny amount, 2 success: 1 cubic foot, 3 successes: 1 cubic meter, 4 successes: 10 cubic meters, 5 Successes: 100 cubic meters...

***** Elemental Resistance: Add your elemental power rating to stamina for soaking the elemental type.

****** Elemental Walk: You can teleport via the appropriate element: Per+Alertness (D.7) You can Go 10^Successes miles.

******* Elemental Form: Become the Appropriate element (1 wp/change). You retain a human shape, even if not normally appropriate for that element. By spending wp, you can reshape yourself in that form, but must return to a human like shape before reassuming flesh. You cannot speak unless your element is air or earth in this form, and you take double damage from the opposed element (Air-Earth, Fire-water) and half damage from the same element.

******** Elemental Alteration: Spend 1 WP and Roll your Elemental power rating in dice at difficulty 8 to transmute your element into different forms of itself (granite into basalt, oxygen gas into nitrogen, an oil fire into a wood fire, water into coke).

********* Transcend Element: You can now walk through mundane forms of your element without harm--walk through walls, breathe underwater, stand in a bonfire, etc.

********** Elemental Lord: You gain the power of command over elementals. You can roll your Elemental power+Manipulation to control any elemental of your type (D.6) resisted by their Willpower(D.6) 1 success: 1 turn 2 successes: 1 Minute 3 successes: 1 hour 4 successes: 1 day...Also, you can not be harmed by any elemental and can travel anywhere via that element by spending 1 wp


* Hide: Add level of Fade to Stealth Rolls

** Disappear: Turn invisible when no one is observing you. You can't move while anyone is looking and stay invisible, but if you don't move, they can't see you.

*** Vanish: Move while invisible, and even attack invisibly at a cost of 1 WP/Round

**** Invisibility: Vanish even while being watched.

***** Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Vanish from recent memory of people (Stealth+App, vs. Int +Alertness)

****** Hide in Plain Sight: (Man+Acting vs. Per+Alert). Look like whoever you want to.

******* Conceal: Spend 1 wp and turn an object invisible, even if you leave--anything up to house size. At this point, you no longer show up on electronic devices or cameras, either.

******** Mass Invisibility: Extend up to power level 4 to other people.

********* Fade away into nothing: You can Fade right out of the realm you are in and into the other side of the Gauntlet. At a Faerie Ring/Trod, you can Fade right into Arcadia.

********** Unseen Presence: No one ever sees you unless you want to be seen. And your aura can be masked however you like. If you appear, you can take whatever appearance you want.

Fae Sight

* Magic Sight: Per+Alert (diff. 6) to sense magic. 1 succ.--Know it is there, 2 succ--Know where the magic is, 3 succ.--Know what kind it is (Disc, Gift, Fae, True Magick, etc), 4 succ Know what effect, 5 succ-- Know best way to break it.

** Pierce Glamor: See through any lower level illusion, gift, Obfuscate, or Glamor

*** Detect Deception: Empathy +Perception(D.6) vs. Man +Subt.(D.9) to detect lies and half-truths

**** Aura Perception: Same as Auspex 2, but the difficulty is only 6

***** See Weakness: Per+Approp. Skill(d.6) to find the weak points in anything. Each success lets you do one extra damage die to that thing.

****** Pierce the Veil: See through the Horizon or Gauntlet on a Per+Awareness (Difficulty-Gauntlet)

******* See the Known: You can scry anyone/thing/place you have seen before. Spend 1 WP and roll your Fae Sight (D. 6 for a place or thing, WP for a person). You can see them for: 1 succ: 1 turn, 2 succ. 1 Minute, 3 Succ: 1 hour...

******** See the Unknown: You can scry anyone/thing/place you have ever heard of Same as level 7(+1 to difficulty).

********* See the Truth: No one can lie to you ever. And you become immune to Persuade below level 10

********** Vision of Ultimate Reality: By spending a WP, you can see anyone/thing anywhere for as long as you want, even in other realms. You can also once in your life see the answer to a single question in a transcendant vision of the whole of reality. This requires a Stability check (D. 10) to avoid loss of a stability point and getting a derangement, but if you make it, you gain a Stability point and a point in one of your primary virtues. You can't spend WP on this check. Botching it leaves you transfixed by the vision until someone figures out some way to cut off your vision. Then you lose a stability point and gain a derangement. However, anyone who does this can now build knowleges up to 10 and gains 1 point of intelligence. (and 10 skill pips for knowleges).


* Fauna Knowledge: Identify any animal and its abilities/habits/etc. on a successful Intelligence+Fauna+Animal Ken roll.

** Fauna Speech: On Charisma +Fauna (D.7) you can talk to animals. One roll to establish contact with a particular animal.

*** Animal Sentinel: Roll Per+Fauna (D. by visibility) to sense if a predetermined event takes place within 50' (per success) of that animal.

**** Animal Allies: On a Charisma+Animal Ken (D. 4-8, depending on friendliness of animal) to get animals to do what you want (one animal per success)

***** Call Animals: Summon one kind of animal from a one mile radius per success on Charisma+Animal Ken

****** Animal Form: On a Sta+Fauna roll, become any animal for one hour/success

******* Animal Feature: Assume animal features at will (like a dog nose to track by smell or cat ears to hear well. Usually gain 3 extra dice with the appropriate skill or lower diff.)

******** Full Shift: Become any animal whenever you want for as long as you want

********* Forced change: Turn others into Animals (Sta+Fauna vs. WP (or their Sta+Fauna or their WP+Shifting/Protean/Vicissitude). One hour/success.

********** Animal Lord: Control any animal you see for WP hours.


* Flora Knowledge: Identify any plant and its properties on a successful Intelligence+Flora+Animal Ken roll.

** Flora Speech: On Charisma +Flora (D.7) you can talk to plants. One roll to establish contact with a particular plants.

*** Plant Sentinel: Roll Per+Flora (D. by visibility) to sense if a predetermined event takes place within 50' (per success) of that plant.

**** Plant Guardian: On a successful Char.+Flora Roll (d. 8) you can animate and control plants

***** Plant Walk: Step into a plant and step out of any plant of the same species you have ever seen

****** Plant Form: Become a plant. (Sta+Flora D. 7) one hour/success

******* Instant Plant Growth: Grow plants to maturity in 1 minute (1 WP/Acre)

******** Attunement: Merge your perceptions with 10 mile^2 of plants/ success on a D. 6 roll on your Flora level.

********* Forced Change: Turn others into Plants (Sta+Flora vs. WP (or their Sta+Flora or their WP+Shifting/Protean/Vicissitude). One hour/success.

********** Bless/Blight: Kill all plants or speed Growth in a 100 mile radius per success on Man.+Flora (d. 6)


* Mask: Roll Per+Glamor (d.6) to cloak yourself in the guise of another type (farmer, vampire, woman, accountant, etc). 1 success is enough for that. Impersonating a specific person takes three successes.

** Shadow Creature: Create 1 illusionary object or creature per success on Per+Glamor vs. Per+Alertness (D.6)

1 Success:Visual only

2 successes: Sound included

3 successes: smells added

4 successes: thermal added

5 successes: taste added

6 successes: You can touch it.

Each round not spent concentrating on it causes it to lose one success level.

*** Faescape: The Fae may alter his surroundings. Roll per+Glamor vs Per+ Alertness (Target is 5+x where 10^X is the radius area of effect in feet) The level of sensory alteration is the same as for Shadow creature.

**** Massmorph: As Mask, but one person per success.

***** Masquerade: As Mask, but it shields your aura also and your mind (Mentally, you seem to be that person if Telepathed)

****** Glamor Creature: Roll Int+Glamor (d. 6). The creature has the following characteristics. (It lasts for 10 minutes/success).


                  Primary              Secondary         Tertiary
Attributes           X                    X-2              X-4
Abilities           X+5                    X               X-5

******* Chaos: This power allows the character to (roll Man+Glamor vs. WP) plunge an area into a giant tide of hallucination. Each success subtracts one die from all Dex, Str, Char, and Man. action pools of those in the area of effect.

******** Mind Storm: As Chaos, but affects all dice pools except Stamina

********* Nightmare: (Man+Empathy vs WP (diff=Target INT+3)) Victim must make a courage or Willpower/2 roll or flee. (Diff=your Man+Empathy). They must check each round (power lasts 2 rounds/success).

********** Mold Reality: (Glamor roll, diff=local gauntlet). If successful, reality is your toy(in an illusionary manner) in a radius of 10^successes feet. (use shadow creature table for degree of illusions generated).


* Defense: By Forfeiting all attacks, the character can defend against one attacker per point of Kensai with his entire dice pool.

** Weapon Break: On a successful hit(using Str+Kensai+Melee), the opponent's weapon is broken (no damage to target unless weapon was part of his body--natural weaponry unaffected by this, but cyber-weapons, or the classic pirate hook, etc. are)

*** Mighty Blow: The character adds his rating in Kensai to his damage dice pool with melee weapons for one attack a round.

**** Defensive Wall: The character no longer need forfeit all attacks to use Defense.

***** Missile Deflect: On a successful Melee+Dex (d.6) roll, the character can deflect ranged attacks (each success reduces the attacker's successes by one)

****** Ultimate warrior: Use Dex+Kensai to attack anyone.

******* Whirlwind Attack: The character recieves 1 extra attack per point of dex (if all attacks are used on different targets)

******** Slay Foes: As Mighty blow, but usable on a number of attacks=your kensai per round.

********* Disarm Foes: Spend 1 wp and break a number of weapons = your dex+kensai if you can reach them with your melee weapon that round (magic weapons/fetishes get to resist using their wielder's WP vs. yours). You must forfeit one action to use this power

********** Weapon Merge: You and your weapon are one. It heals all damage done to it, just like you do (You can instant fix it by spending a wp). You can summon it to you at will. It does Aggravated damage to anything. By spending 1 wp, you can animate it, and it fights for you for rounds = your kensai.


* Predict Chance: This power can predict any random event's outcome on a Per+Luck roll (difficulty varies by complexity of event--3 to predict a coin flip, 6-roulette or poker hands, 8-lottery, 10 for putting every name of a living human in a hat and picking one)

** Control Chance: Roll Man+luck to control simple random events.

*** Jinx: Give a person bad luck for a scene on Man+luck (diff.6). Power lasts until target accumulates botches=# of successes). The victim rolls a number of extra dice on every action = your successes in using Jinx. These dice only count towards 0nes, not towards successes.

**** Wreck Machine: Make machines malfunction (Man+Technology/science/security or repair). Diff 6 usually. Haywire for hours=your successes.

***** Curse: Roll Man+Luck vs WP. For a number of days = your success, the target is plagued with ill occurrences for a number of days equal to the number of successes. (ammo runs out at wrong time, you step on the CEO's foot in the elevator--five times, etc.)

****** Lucky: At this level you gain the Luck merit.

******* Charmed Existence: At this level you gain Charmed Existence.

******** Life of Misery: As Curse, but it lasts for months = your number of successes

********* Cause failure: Roll your Luck vs. target WP. If you succeed, the power lasts for hours= your successes or until you release it. You can choose (before dice are rolled) to Jinx a specific action. The action has a number of botches added to it = your number of successes.

********** Implausible Chance: Cause things to happen (Man+Luck) if they are at all possible under normal laws of physics (or faerie mechanics). Difficulty is 6. One success can control any random event, three can causes lapses of physical coordination, combustion, five can cause spontaneous combustion, conjure wind from nowhere, make rain in a desert, seven can cause virtual particles to create an object of your desire for a few rounds, nine could cause that object to stick around as long as you want it.

Machine Master

Duration Table

Successess   Duration
1:           1 round 
2:           1 minute
3:           1 hour
4:           1 day
5:           1 week
6:           1 month

* Control Simple Machines: Control Simple Machines(mechanical, non-self powered) with a touch (roll Man+Machine Master diff 6)

** Control Electric Machines: Control simple electronic devices(Calculators, digital watches, remote controls, Tvs) with a touch (Man+Machine Master, diff 6)

*** Control Complex Machines: Control complex Mechanical and electronic devices with a touch (Man+Machine Master d. 7)

**** Remote Control: On Manipulation +MM (diff 8), you can control simple machines within your sight range.

***** Complex Remote Control: On Man+MM (diff 9) control any machine you see

****** Wreck: Wreck any machine with a roll on Man+Machine Master (diff 9) For the duration, any effort to fix it will fail.

******* Program Machine: Once you establish control of a machine you can program it to take actions in your absence. (Diff 6 for simple machines, 8 for complex ones.)

******** Animate Machine: spend 1 wp and animate any machine. It moves as if it had your Int as its dex. It stays animated for one hour per success on a Machine Mastery roll (d. 8)

********* Distant Wreck: Wreck any machine you've ever seen (spend 1 wp if out of sight, no willpower if you can see it)

********** Machine Lord: Spend 1 WP and control every machine you see for an hour

Mana Manipulation

* Sense Mana: The Fae can sense the presence of Mana and its use (Roll Per+Mana Manipulation vs. opp. skill being used or a difficulty if just the prsence is being sensed.

** Tap Mana: The Faerie learns to absorb mana at Faerie Rings and Wells. They must roll their Mana Manipulation at difficulty 6. They get one point per success. It takes one hour to tap a Faerie Ring or well.

*** Channel Mana: The Faerie learns to channel Mana into Sorcery or other faerie powers. Each point lowers the difficulty of a power/spell by one when spent, or adds one success to a spell for the purposes of preventing counter-magic/dispelling/or deflection.

**** Transfer Mana: The Faerie learns to transfer Mana to other Faeries. (They can hold Mana=their Willpower)

***** Destroy Mana Use: The Fae can spend his own mana to block mana use by others on a point for point basis--but must succeed in a sensing roll.

****** Improved Mana Absorption: You now recover 3 points of mana a day automatically

******* Steal Mana: You can take other people's Mana (Your Mana M. vs. Theirs) Each success is one point.

******** Awaken Faerie Ring Site: Takes one hour per roll. Roll Mana Manipulation at difficulty 10. Each success lowers Gauntlet by one. When it hits four, the site is awakened. On a Botch, take aggravated wounds = Gauntlet's original strength--Also, site can not be awakened for one year. This power can only be used on solstices or Equinoxes or Sabbats(Lammas, Beltaine, Walpurgis, Samhain). It must be used after the sun sets and before it rises.

********* Disrupt Powers/spells: The Fae can wreck the use of a power or spell by spending one point of Mana for every success the power or spell had. But the person can spend his own mana to counter the disruption (one for one)

********** Mana Sink: Recover your Mana Manip. in Mana per day and store any amount of mana---the more the merrier.


Might counts as automatic successes on any strength check = your might.


* Glib: Add +1 to your Manipulation

** Sly: Add +2 to Manipulation

*** Oratory: Sway mobs with this power (100 X 2^Persuasion people). Roll Man+Subterfuge (Diff=Wits+3 of person with most wits to be affected). Five minutes per level of persuasion needed to affect whole mob must be spent.

1 success gets crowd to do what its inclinations call it to.

2 successes: overcome mild scruples (get a mob of people to swear repeatedly in unison or wear ugly clothing).

3 successes: Crowd will break the law or face mild threat to their safety (go on a looting spree or rush a few well armed men)

4 successes: Crowd will be willing to face high threats and take big risks(Burn down the town, rush a line of national guardsmen)

5 successes: Crowd will do anything not obviously suicidal (attack the white house, rape, murder, burn, pillage, strip naked and run around in circles, etc)

**** Eloquent: Add +3 to Manipulation

***** Command: Make someone do something on Man+Leadership (diff= their WP). (as oratory)

****** Silver Tongue: Add +4 to Manipulation

******* Belief: Convince a person that some statement of affairs is true. Roll Man + Subterfuge (D-6 if they are likely to believe, 8 if unlikely, 10 if impossible or clearly untrue). 1 success: 1 day, 2 successes: 1 week, 3 successes: 1 month, 4 successes: 1 year, 5 successes: 1 decade, etc.

******** Snake Oil Salesman from Hell: +5 to manipulation

********* Conversion: Persuade a person to change their demeanor or nature with a Man+Subterfuge (Diff=Target's man). Duration as Belief

********** Voice of Apollo: +6 to manipulation.

Self Mastery:

* Endurance: Add your rating in self-mastery to your stamina for resisting long term fatigue.

** Trance: Go into a trance at will. In the trance you need no food/water/air for a period =Sta+Self-mastery in days.

*** Self-Control: Add Self-Mastery to any effort to resist mind-effecting powers and abilities

**** Body Weaponry: Add Self-mastery to your damage dice pool for unarmed combat

***** Self-healing: Purge toxins and heal damage to self by spending one hour in a trance. Roll Int+Medicine (Diff. 6) Each success heals three wounds or purges one toxin or chemical from the body.

****** Deep Trance: Go into Trance for as long as you wish if you succeed in rolling Stamina +Meditation (diff 9)

******* Transcend Hunger: Even in a waking state, you can fast for years = your WP.

******** Empower body: Do aggravated damage with your bare hands to anything.

********* Transcend Flaw: You can now soak cold iron

********** Inner Calm: -2 difficulty to Stability and virtue checks. You are also immune to emotion affecting magic, frenzy causing magic, etc.


* Face Lift: Alter your facial features.(Man+Disguise. diff 6)

** Disguise: Alter skin, hair and eye color. Change your clothing. (Man+Disguise diff 6)

*** Body Warp: Rearrange your body mass(Diff 6-- Man+Disguise)--height, sex, limb length, etc.

**** Mass Warp: Rearrange your body Mass(diff 7-- Man+Disguise). Become any animal or look like any human/humanoid). (The less human, the more successes--human 1, Mammal--2, Bird 3, Insect/reptile/amphibian 4, Aquatic critter/invertebrate-5)

***** Plant Warp: On Man+Disguise (Diff 7) become any plant

****** Object Shape: On Man+Disguise (Diff 8) become an inanimate object (Change your height by 50% per success)

******* Mind Warp: Shapechange your mind to have a fake identity. Mind readers lose more successes than you get on Manipulation + Subterfuge (d. 6) to see it is fake

******** Impersonate: Become anyone/thing you have ever seen (Man+Disguise d.9)

********* Energy Warp: Character can become coherent energy (Man+Disguise d. 10)

********** Total Shift: You are now a T1000, more or less. You can regenerate 1 wound a round, even aggravated., You must be destroyed by acid, fire, magic, molecular dispersal, throwing into the sun/abyss or a similar means of breaking you down and chemically reacting you into inertness.


Speed gives you a number of actions per round = your speed+1 when you spend a WP. It lasts for one scene.


* Improvise: You can build simple machines with inadequate parts

** Repair: Add Tinker to any skill use to fix a machine

*** Improve: Improve any machine's performance by 10% per success on an Int+Tinker roll

**** Imbue: The character can imbue machines with up to his own skill(1 pip per success on Int +Faerie Mechanics diff.6). The machines can then be used by other people in place of their own skill with something. On a botch, the machine operates okay for 1-10 uses, then botches horribly on the next use. It takes one day per success needed. (you can halve the time by adding +1 to difficulty. This can be repeated as necessary)

Example: Fineous the Brownie Tinker is trying to build a Machine to help his friend Gina the Selkie Romany play chess. Fineous has Gamesman skill of 4, Intelligence of 5 and Tinker at 4. He gets 3 successes. The machine now has skill 3 of Gamesman, which Gina can use with her Int of 2 to play chess, instead of her Gamesman skill of one.

***** Endow: The character can imbue a device with one of his own powers up to his rating in it. (He must get a number of successes= the level of the power chosen on Int +Faerie Mechanics (diff. 8).On a botch, the machine operates okay for 1-10 uses, then botches horribly on the next use. It takes one day per success needed. (you can halve the time by adding +1 to difficulty. This can be repeated as necessary)

Example: Fineous the Brownie Tinker has been practicing his powers, and now has Tinker 5, Earth 4, Machine Master 4, Aqua 2, Air 3, Shifting 2. He has been hired by Lord Alexander of the Seelie court to dig a moat. He decides to build a digging machine with the Earth 3 power that his apprentice can run for him while he works on more interesting projects. He has Int. of 5 and Tinker 5 now. He needs three successes to build the digging machine with Earth 3 (and will roll ten dice at difficulty 8.)

****** Invent: The character may invent a machine to confer skills he does not possess. The max level of these skills is his intelligence. He needs some source of knowledge of that skill. It takes one week per needed success. Roll Int+Faerie Mechanics D.9

******* Magic Engine: You can build an engine for a machine that runs off the background count of magic. (Int+Faerie Mechanics--diff 9) If you botch, it seems okay, but explodes after a number of hours of use = your Intelligence. The explosion does 2 times your INT in wound levels.

******** Advanced Endowment: Build a machine to confer any power if a consultant with that power is available. It takes one month per wanted success. Roll Int +Faerie Mechanics (d. 9)

********* Supreme Invention: Make a machine that confers any skill, even with no source of knowlege on it, and at any level (not limit. by INT). It takes 1 month per wanted success. Roll Int+Faerie Mechanics--Diff 10.

********** Master Maker: Given time and materials, you can duplicate any machine you have ever seen.


* Irritate: With a mere touch, the character may trigger an irritating rash. The victim loses one die from all actions per success on Sta+Wrack vs. Stamina (lasts 5 rounds per success)

** Pain: on a touch, make target writhe in agony for 1 round per success on Sta+Wrack vs. Stamina. Target also takes one wound.

*** Agony: As Pain, but five rounds per success.

**** Torture: Like Pain, but in Line of Sight

***** Wrack: Like Agony, but Line of Sight

****** Pain Trigger: On a touch, set a condition that automatically triggers the power Pain.

******* Neutralize Pain: Roll Int+Medicine (Diff=# of wound levels target suffers from or a (the power level + 1)if a pain causing power is being negated). This removes wound penalties or negates a wrack power for five minutes per success.

******** Torment: Roll Sta+Wrack vs. Stamina. (touch required). Does 1 wound per success and immobilizes one day per success

********* Remote Agony Trigger: (WP vs WP). Success lets you set a condition to trigger Agony on the person.

********** Break Will: Enslave a person through pain: Wrack+Manip vs. WP (Diff 6). Each success strips a WP and gives a -1 die penalty to their dice pools. When they hit zero, they are your slave until they get WP back. The pain penalties can be removed or reinstated by the controller at will. If you get any failures in a round, the lost WP returns(except one point) and you must start over. On a botch, you Agony yourself.