Faerie Magic

The standard form of Faerie Magic is the art of sorcery. The use of sorcery requires that the hands and arms of the sorceror be free to move and he or she be able to speak freely, although they can whisper.

Any Faerie can learn sorcery, as can half-Faeries and Human changelings. It can be purchased during character generation with your starting points for power or with freebie points. (7 freebies buys one rank of sorcery.) You start with one path for every point of sorcery beyond the first. The primary path starts with one less pip than your sorcery rating, the secondary with two less, etc...

It takes a year to learn the basics of sorcery. This year must be spent in Arcadia. Vampires and true mages are incapable of learning sorcery. Garou can learn it, but are unable to store Mana, which greatly limits their ability to do anything with it. The exception is a garou with Faerie Blood gift, who can absorb and store mana for the duration of the gift...An ordinary human can learn it...but it will mark him forever. Ordinary Humans who perform sorcery become vulnerable to paradox unless they spend a decade in Arcadia attuning themselves to its energies, eating the food,etc...After which they will become equivalent to a Human changeling. Faeries rarely teach anyone other than Faeries and human changelings the art of sorcery, however.

Sorcery costs 4 times your current rank to improve and 10 XP to learn.

Schools of Sorcery cost 2 times your current rank to improve your first School, 3 time current to improve all others beyond the first and 5 XP to learn.

Sorcery and Schools both require a knowlegeable tutor, except that you can learn a new school without a tutor whenever you increase your sorcery.

All Sorcerors can attempt to absorb mana at Faerie Rings and Wells. They must roll their sorcery at difficulty 6. They get one point per success. It takes one hour to tap a Faerie Ring or well.

Sorcerors also automatically absorb one point of Mana per day up to their Max--Which is equal to their sorcery rating +WP+Power


* Sense Magic: Roll Per +Sorcery (diff. 6) to sense Magic. Sensing magical beings requires 2 successes if native to Arcadia, three if not.

** Cast Spells: You can now use Sorcery Schools. You get one School for free at rank 1. (starting characters get this School at their Sorcery-1).

*** Spell Defense: The character can counter-magic spells directed at them if he has that school. It takes one action and the character must roll Sorcery +School. Each success negates one success of the spell to be countered.

**** Dispel Magic: Break Spells by rolling Sorcery(Diff = the original spell). Successes= the successes of the original spell must be gained.

***** Reflect Magic: On Sorcery vs. Sorcery (spend an action), you can reflect spells back on their caster, if you know that school.

****** Spell Shield: You can try to countermagic any spell, whether you know the School or not.

******* Empower Item: You can create magic Items. Put your skill with a spell in an item (1 day/die of skill). Roll Sorcery+School (diff 6). The Device remains empowered for months=your number of successes.

******** Anti-Magic Shell: Create a zone that gets spell defense = yours for a number of hours = your successes on a Sorcery (d. 8) roll. The area has a 10 meter radius for every success you get. You must spend mana=your successes.

********* Permanent Magic Items: At this point, your items made with level 7 last forever if you don't botch a roll on Sorcery at difficulty 8. (number of successes= number needed to dispel the item with level 4).

********** Sorcery Master: At this point, you can duplicate any sorcery effect you've ever seen--+1 to difficulty, however. Also, you learn new schools with only 3 XP and no tutor needed, and improve any school at 2 * its current level.

School of Circe:

* Evil Eye: Roll Man+School (D.6) vs. WP. Each success reduces the target's APP by one for every success for 10 Minutes * Your School rating. (Spending Mana will increase the duration by 1 hour per point.)

** Beauty: Roll School (D.6) Each success increase the target's APP by one for every success for 10 Minutes * Your School rating. (Spending Mana will increase the duration by 1 hour per point.)

*** Alter Visage: This lets you change your clothing and appearance. Roll School (D.6) If you succeed, you can keep your altered form for 1 day/success. Others can be altered, but they can resist with WP. If they succeed, you must spend 1 MP to try again before a day has passed. Mass stays the same.

**** Animal Form: This lets you become an animal by rolling School (D.7) You can stay an animal as long as you want.

***** Curse of Circe: Turn others into animals on Man+School vs. WP (D.8) It lasts one hour per success. Every point of Mana expended adds one hour to the duration.

School of Distant Sight:

* See the Possessed: Roll School (D.6) and scry for 10 minutes/ success any place you have something from.

** See the Known: Roll School (D.6) and scry for 10 minutes/ success any place, person, or object you are familiar with.

*** See the Represented: Roll School (D.6) and scry for 10 minutes/ success any place, person, or object you have a picture or map of.

**** Sight through Reputation: Roll School (D.6) and scry for 10 minutes/success any person, place or object you have a description of.

***** See through the Gauntlet: Roll School (D.6) and scry for 10 minutes/success any person, place object you have a description of in another realm.

School of Flight

* Jump: Add your School level to your Athletics dice pool when jumping

** Levitate: Roll Sorcery +School Difficulty 6 to levitate. You can levitate (Int+Successess )* 10 Feet/Round for one hour per success.

*** Fly: The character rolls Sorcery+School (diff.6) to Fly at a speed of Successes * 10 MPH for one hour per success.

**** Mass Flight: The Character rolls Sor+School (diff 5+# of extra people) to fly with multiple people.

***** Swift Flight: Difficulty 8 on Sor+School. Fly at successes * 100 MPH.

****** Mass Swift Flight: As Mass Flight, but go at Swift Flight Speed (Diff. 6+# of extra people.

******* Lightning Flight: Sor+School (diff. 9) Fly at Successes * 500 MPH.

******** Mass Lightning Flight: (Diff: 7+# of extra people)

********* Fly the Void: Enter Space or Deep Umbra without Ill Effect. Or go underwater.

********** Flight Like Thought: (Sorcery + School diff. 9) Fly at Successes * 1000 MPH.

School of Mars

* Fetch Weapon: Call any weapon you own to you at the expenditure of 1 MP.

** Enchant Weapon: Enchant a weapon to do aggravated damage to anything for one day per point of mana you spend into it.

*** Break Weapon: On a Successful melee hit, the character can break an opponent's weapon by succeeding in a Str+school+melee Vs. Str+Melee roll.

**** Flaming Weapon: Roll Sorcery +School (diff. 6). Each success means the weapon does one extra die of flame damage for a number of rounds = your school level.

***** Weapon Dance: Spend 1 Mana Point, and animate a weapon to fight for you for rounds=your School level.

****** Create Weapon: Roll Sorc+School, diff. 8 and create any weapon you've ever seen from nothing. It lasts 1 hour per mana point you spend on it+ 1 round for every success.

******* Weapon Bond: Spend 1 Mana Point and make your chosen weapon unbreakable. It cannot be removed from your grasp against your will either. Lasts 1 day.

******** Weapon Sight: (Sorc+School d. 8) See any weapon you've ever seen and its environs (10' radius per success).

********* Weapon Invulnerability: Spend 1 Mana and make a weapon unable to heart you (Must win an oppossed School vs. Willpower test).

********** Weapon of Doom: Spend 3 MP and all damage you do with the enchanted weapon can not regenerate or be healed for ten rounds unless the victim/healer wins a (their skill or Stamina+fortitude if a regenerator or vampire using blood points) Vs. (Sorcery+School) test.

School of Morpheus

* Cause Sleep: The character can make one person in line of sight sleep with a successful roll of Man + Emp. (Diff. Will.+3). The character needs three successes for slumber. One or two successes will result in the victim losing that many dice from all actions. Magical creatures require the expenditure of a Mana point.

** Mass Slumber: This power puts a number of non-magical creatures = Int+School rating to sleep. It requires three successes on Chr. + Lead. (Diff. 8)

*** Enchanted Slumber: As Cause Sleep, but victim cannot be awakened for the duration of the slumber or until a condition (set by caster) is met. Duration: 1 succ: 1 turn, 2: 1 night, 3: 1 week, 4: 1 month, 5: 1 year. As Cause Sleep, Mana must be spent to affect Magical creatures.

**** Dream Scape: The character may enter the dreams of others. Roll School vs. Difficulty = Target's willpower.

***** Dream Weaver: The Character may control other's dreams with a successful roll on Man.+School (dif. Will). Control lasts until the sun next rises.

****** Dream Traveller: Enter the Dream Zone at will.(spend 1 WP). Roll School (Difficulty 6) to change facets. Roll Per+School to find the specific facet you are looking for. (See Umbra: The Velvet Shadow for more details on the Dream Zone)

******* Mass Enchanted Slumber: As Enchanted Slumber, but it effects Sorcery+School of Targets.

******** Zone of Sleep: As Enchanted Slumber, but effects all in a (100*# of successes) foot radius.

********* Slumbering Land: As Enchanted Slumber, but effects all in a radius equal to the number of successes in miles.

********** Dream Lord: As Dream Weaver, but effects 100 people per success or all of the people under the influence of Slumbering Land.

School of Mystic Flame

* Resist Flame: Spend 1 Mana and add your school rating to resist fire for the scene.

** Scrying Flame: On Per+School (Diff. 6), you can see what is around the nearest source of Flame.

*** Control Flame: You can reshape or douse the nearest source of flame on Man+School (Diff. 6) --1 success: a match 2 successes: a torch or stovetop, 3 successes: an campfire, 4 successes: a bonfire, 5 successes: A burning building, 6: A block of burning buildings, etc.

**** Ignite Flame: The character can cause combustibles to ignite on a School roll. (Difficulty 6). This can do up to two wounds per success.

***** Conjure Flame: Create Flame from Nothing on a School roll (Difficulty 7). Two Wounds per success. This creates up to 10 cubic feet of flame.

****** and higher -- Enhanced Conjuration of Flame: You can conjure 10 ^(School-4) cubic feet of flame. (100 cubic feet at 6, 1000 cubic feet at 7, etc.) It does 2 wounds/success at 6 and 7(Difficulty 7), 3 wounds/success at 8 and 9(Difficulty 8), and 4 wounds/success at level 10(Difficulty 9).

School of the Storm

* Call Wind: Spend 1 mana point, and summon high winds. Winds increase by 10 MPH for every success on a Man. + School roll, difficulty 4.

** Obscure Sky: The character can cover the sky with clouds that block the sun or moon. This takes 5-# of successes on a (Man+School, diff. 6) in rounds to occur.

*** Driving Rain: Spend 1 WP and call down rains and winds from prexistent clouds for 1 hour. Additional WP or Mana will increase the duration by 1 hour.

**** Call Lightning: Spend 1 WP to call lightning down from clouds on someone. Roll Dex+ School to Target the person (D.6). Damage is three wounds per success on a roll of School vs. D.6.

***** Battle Storm: Spend 1 Mana and 1 WP to perform levels 1-4 underground for rounds = your School rating.

****** Create Tornado: Spend one MP and 1 WP, and roll Sorcery+School, Difficulty 8. The Tornado lasts for 1 hour per success and can start up to a mile away for every point you have in this school. You can try to control its movements(Roll School at difficulty 8.)

******* Temperature Control: (School at Difficulty 8). Alter Temperature by 10 Degrees F, for every success in a radius = your School rating in miles for a number of hours = your school rating.

******** Create Hurricane: Spend 2 MP and 1 WP. (Sorcery+School Difficulty 9). The storm lasts for one hour per success and is 10 miles* # of successes in radius.

********* Control Weather: (School+Sorcery Diff. 8) Totally control the weather in a 10^Successes in miles radius. Lasts 1 hour/success.

********** Weather Lord: Spend 1 MP and 1 WP and control the weather in a 1 mile radius anywhere you have ever seen for a fortnight (two days). (Sorcery+School Difficulty 7).

School of the Unseen Hand

With this school you can move objects with magic. Your level in this school determines how much you can lift. You can lift 10^(School-1) pounds: 1 pound at level 1, 10 at level 2, 100 at level 3, etc.

The difficulty(on Sorcery+School) is 5+(School/2) rounded up: 6 for levels 1 and 2, 7 for levels 3 and 4, etc.

The objects move as fast as you personally can or are moving. Thrown, they do twice your level in damage dice. (Use your Dex+School to hit)

School of World Walking

* Open Gate: At a cost of 1 WP, the character may cross into Arcadia or the physical world from a Faerie ring. By spending 1 MP, he can open a gate for others to cross, which lasts a number of rounds = to his school rating.

** Dimension Door: The character may open a short range gate of 100 feet per success on a Man+School Roll (Diff.6). The door lasts for one round per WP or five per MP spent.

*** Faerie Walk: Each success the character receives on a Per+School (Diff. 7) halves travel times for him and his companions for 1 hour.

**** Teleport: For 1 Mana point, the character may go anywhere in the same realm that is within line of sight, or that he has something from. (a pencil from an office, a rock from a garden, etc.)

***** World Walk: This power creates a gate to an adjacent realm that lasts for 1 round per Mana spent (Physical Realm-Umbra-Arcadia)

****** Will-o-the-wisp: Warp reality so people get lost. Affect 5 people per WP or MP spent. Roll Per+School (D.7) Each success doubles their travel time to get anywhere.

******* Opener of the Way: Spend 1 WP and enter Arcadia from anywhere. Spend 1 MP, and open a gate for others to cross, which lasts a number of rounds = his school rating.

******** Fleet Arcadian Travel: Spend 1 WP and create a path to any Arcadian realm you have ever visited or know the true name of its ruler. The path can be used by others, but the access point at your current location only lasts one hour.

********* Umbral Jaunt: Cross the Gauntlet at will. You can open a portal for others on a School roll vs. the difficulty of the Gauntlet (Werewolf chart). It lasts up to one hour per success.

********** Universal Traveller: Spend 1 WP or MP and go anywhere in any realm that you have seen or have something from, even if this involves crossing the gauntlet. You can also travel to objects or people. You can bring others by spending 1 WP or MP per person.

Ritual Sorcery:

Faeries have developed rituals for certain special purposes, and for facilitating difficult magics. Rituals are performed using Sorcery. Most take fifteen minutes per level of the ritual. Many faerie rituals are similar to those developed for thaumaturgy, but there are several Faerie rituals unique to Sorcery. Faeries with the sorcery skill start with a number of levels of rituals = their sorcery skill.

Shroud the Ways (Level 2)

This ritual protects a Faerie ring from discovery. Roll Sorcery + World Walking (Difficulty 6). Within a 100 feet (per success) of the Faerie ring, anyone except faeries and human changelings, must make a Per+Alertness roll (Difficulty = 6), and get a number of successes >=the caster's successes or get lost and wander back out before finding the faerie ring. This ritual lasts until the next Equinox or Solstice.

Mask of Mortality (Level 2)

This ritual enables a faerie to take on the appearance of a mortal for 24 hours. She still retains faerie strengths, weaknesses, and powers, but appears to be an ordinary human to any of the five senses.

Make Elf-Shot (Level 3)

This ritual enables a faerie to enchant arrows to be elf-shot: They gain the power of Enchanted Slumber when they strike a target. The enchanter can enchant one arrow for every success on a Sorcery+School of Morpheous check at Difficulty 6. The arrows have his skill at causing Enchanted Slumber. They must be invested with Mana if they are to affect enchanted creatures. The arrows retain their enchantment for a year and a day. This ritual takes one hour.

Ritual of Contagion (Level 4)

This ritual enables a faerie to use Sorcery at a distance on a place, person, or object which he has a part of.(A rock or object from a place, A body part or possession of a person...Hair or fingernail clippings will do.) It takes one hour+(15 minutes/level of the School or Sorcery spell. The sorceror then rolls his Sorcery at Difficulty 7. He cannot get more successes on his spell than he got on this roll.

Ritual of the Changeling (Level 5)

This ritual transforms an immature Faerie (below age 16) into an apparently human infant, until it reaches the age of 16. Some traces of its faerie heritage always remain. At midnight on its sixteenth birthday, it will revert to its true form.

Ride into the Shadowlands (Level 6)

This ritual enables the faerie to open a path into the Near Umbra or the Shadowlands (or into the physical realm from one of those two areas) that stays open until the sun rises. The faerie must either have seen or have something from the point the road will open onto if he is performing the ritual in arcadia. If performed in the Physical realm/the Umbra/or the Shadowlands, it will open to the point that corresponds in the area being entered. The path is 10 feet wide for every success that the faerie gets on his Sorcery roll. (Difficulty = Local Gauntlet or Shroud, or 7 in Arcadia.) This rite will not open a path into Arcadia if performed in the Shadowlands, Physical world, or Near Umbra , but if used in Arcadia does allow two way travel. This rite can only be performed at night.

Sorcery vs. Other Forms of Magic

Vampiric Disciplines and Thaumaturgy: Sorcerors cannot block/dispel/counter-magic Vampiric Disciplines with Sorcery except through various forms of ritual magic. Efforts to scry an Obfuscated vampire require the use of a higher level of the School of Distant Sight than the level of obfuscate possessed by the vampire. Even then, you need Faerie sight to actually see him/her, rather than just his/her general location. Vampires cannot be affected by the lower levels of the School of Circe. Vampires with shapechanging abilities can use them as normal to escape the effects of the higher levels.

Thaumaturgy, however, is somewhat different. Faeries with schools similar to various vampiric paths can attempt to countermagic/dispel Thaumaturgical effects, as if they were the results of sorcery.

Garou Gifts: Sorcerors cannot block/dispel/counter-magic Garou gifts. Various Ritual magics can protect against certain of them.

Garou Rites cannot be dispelled/blocked/countermagicked, but they can be detected.

A faerie Circle can be blocked against Moon Bridges. This requires a level five rite. It lasts for a year and a day.

Caerns make Faerie magick easier. Divide the level of the caern by two, and lower the difficulty of all sorcery magic by that number. In a Fianna caern, or in a caern that is also a Faerie circle, lower the difficulty by the rating of the caern.

True Magick: Sorcerors can attempt to protect themselves against True Magick effects that parallel Schools that they know. They can attempt to dispel or counter-magick such effects. The normal procedures for such defensive measures are followed, but the number of successes gained by the sorceror are halved before comparing them to the successes gained by the mage. Mages can counter-magic sorcery, but often not very efficiently. They use their normal counter-magic rules, but their difficulty is = to the difficulty of the Sorceror's roll. They must possesses spheres correlating to the Sorcery effect, as usual.

Prime sense will detect Faerie Rings and Sorcery effects. Mana sense will locate nodes. Nodes lower the difficulty of Sorcery Effects the same as they do Magick effects. Faerie circles do not lower Sorcery or Magick difficulties. Faerie circles do not collect tappable quintessence as do nodes, but they do generate one to five points of Tass a month (Usually depending on how ancient the Circle is), and Mages can meditate there to refill their avatars.) A Faerie circle is easier to convert to a node than most locations. Lower the difficulty by two. It is also easier to make a node into a Faerie Circle as well. Lower the difficulty of that by two.

Mana is a filtered form of quintessence. If a sorcery taps a Node that is not a faerie circle for Mana, he must make his check at difficulty 9. He gets Mana as usual from it. If he drains off more than the rating of the node in Mana in a day, he will drain off some of the quintessence normally available there. (The Quint he drains is then converted into Mana).

Wraiths: Sorcerors cannot countermagic/dispel/reflect Arcanos. Sorcery does not work through the Shroud unless the Ritual of Contagion can be used. However, Mana/magic sense will reveal the presence of a Haunt or Fetter.

Use of the School of Morpheus on a Wraith will send her into Slumbering, as per the normal rules for Slumbering. Wraiths with Phantasm can try to block or cancel the level 4 and five Morpheus spells, using the appropriate Phantasm powers.

Sorcerors cannot exploit the power of Haunts in any known manner, except in the use of the Ritual Ride to the Shadowlands. The Shroud does drop to 7 in the day, and 6 at night in a Faerie Circle, however. On Equinoxes, Solstices, and Sabbats, the Shroud drops to 4 in Faerie Circles.