Or so what happens when my Malkavian tries to see through your Glamour with Auspex!


Faerie Sight or Auspex will pierce Glamors, Fade, or Obfuscate of a lower level.

Vampires using Dominate can attempt to dominate any Faerie or human changeling, but must spend 1 WP to do so to Faeries.

Immunity to/protection against Presence or Persuasion blocks either power. People with Shifting can resist any use of Vicissitude on them, adding their level in Shifting to any normal resistance roll.

Human Changelings can be vampirized as if ordinary humans. They lose all faerie related powers and the ability to perform Sorcery. Half-Faerie must roll a WP 8 check or go mad. In either case, they lose their school powers, but retain their native breed power and can improve it. Full blood faeries must roll a stability check at difficulty 10. A botch causes them to dissolve away into chaos. A failure causes them to become some sort of horrible rampaging monster with both faerie and vampiric abilities and weaknesses. A success causes them to simply come back to life as an ordinary faerie. They suffer the loss of one pip off a physical stat and one mental stat.

Drinking Faerie blood: Faerie blood is more potent than mortal blood. It has several effects.

One: the Vampire can't get out of Arcadia (if in it) until the faerie releases him or he spends the point of blood.

Two: A vampire with Faerie blood in him can astral project with Auspex 5 into Arcadia at a Faerie circle.

Three: All self-control checks are at +2 to difficulty.

Four: Prolonged drinking of faerie blood on a regular basis has mutagenic affects.

Five: It frequently causes hallucinations or uncontrollable discipline usage.


Fae Sight can pierce gifts that disguise or hide the user. It only works against gifts of a lower level than the level of Fae Sight possessed. Roll Fae Sight vs. the Gnosis of the user of the gift, Difficulty 6. If the Fae gets more successes than the Garou, the difference between them is subtracted from the number of successes the Garou got on that gift with regard to the Faerie.

A Garou using Faerie Blood is vulnerable to Mana Manipulation. Any use of his powers triggers Mana Sense. Mana theft (Level 7) can rob him of Gnosis. Roll Mana Manip. vs. Gnosis. Each success drains one point of Gnosis and converts it into Mana. Mana Manip. Normally has no effect on Garou.

Magic sense does not detect the use of Garou gifts, but it will detect the use of rites.


Mages cannot directly countermagic faerie powers. They can however use magick to protect themselves from powers or negate their effects. Mind 1 (or 4 for others) can be used to shield yourself (or others) from Persuasion, Beauty and Glamour. Each success on the Magick roll takes one away from any attempt by a faerie to influence you using those powers. Life 4 can screw up the powers of someone using Self-Mastery. Forces and Matter are required to block or dispel Machine Master effects. Life for Flora and Fauna. Wrack requires life and mind to counter(Usually Life 4, mind 4). Fade is countered with Mind 3. Level 7 and up may require forces 2 as well. Luck is countered with Entropy.

Mana vs. Prime: Mana is not quite equivalent to Quintessence. It is a filtered form of Quintessence. Mages with Prime 1 can sense the presence of Mana in a faerie circle or in a Faerie. Prime 2 can disrupt a faerie's efforts to recharge himself with Mana. Prime 3 can drain mana out of a faerie or transfer it between faeries. At Prime 4, the mage can filter the Mana and convert it back into Quintessence, storing it in himself or a Talisman. He can also convert Quintessence into Mana and transfer that Mana into a faerie. At Prime 5, a mage could block a Faerie Circle from providing a source of Mana for faeries, or prevent a faerie from absorbing Mana long-term.


Faerie Sight can see through Phantasmagoria, but only at Level 6 and higher. If a machine master and an Inhabiting wraith try to control the same machine, they make opposed rolls on their respective powers, taking the higher difficulty for both. Soulsight (Basic castigate) can be used to determine the degree of stability a Faerie has. Enshroud, Phantom Wings both work in Arcadia (Argos). Flicker, Jump, and Oubliette (Argos) go up in difficutly by two. A wraith cannot embody while in Arcadia...but is treated as being fully present as if embodied while there. Arcadia has no "shroud" nor are faeries affected by the Fog. Puppetry only works on Faeries who are in the physical world...or if you skinride with them into Arcadia. Usury works on faeries...but it will make them angry if they figure out what happened. Fae sight six can pierce the Shroud...