Healing Trance

By John Lambert

This rite enables the garou to enter a trance during which their natural regenerative powers are enhanced. Whilst in the trance the garou must remain stationary, however the garou does usually have some sense of what occurs around him. The trance will automatically end once all wounds are healed or will terminate should the garou sustain a wound (even non-aggravated). The garou also has the choice of ending the trance prematurely by making a willpower check against a diff. of 6.

The trance enables the garou to heal all wounds (even aggravated and sometimes battle scars) in a matter of minutes. Apon entering the trance the garou rolls intelligence+meditation against a diff. of 6 (the difficulty may be modified due to circumstances ie increase to an 8 or 9 during combat or decrease to a 4 in a peaceful glade, healing caern etc). A botch means that the garou can't attain the peace of mind to enter the trance and thus can't try again for at least 1 day. On a failure the garou can try again almost immediately. Should the garou succeed then the healing rate is as follows.

# of successes		healing rate
      1			    1 aggr. wound / 10 mins
			    no battle scars healed.
      2			    1 aggr. wound / 5 mins
			    no battle scars healed.
      3			    1 aggr. wound / 3 mins
			    battle scars healed 1 / day
			    (longer if they are severe).
      4			    1 aggr. wound / 2 mins
			    battle scars healed 3 / 2 days.
			    (see above)
      5			    1 aggr. wound / min
			    2 battle scars healed / day.
		            (again longer if severe)

This trance will also work to remove toxins, etc. Treat severe cases as battle scars (mutations may also be healed as battle scars). Note also that the meditation skill is required to learn this ritual and can not be used to place another into the trance.

Optionally : Rage may also affect the difficulty of entering the trance eg. diff. is rage or 6 whichever is higher.