Paradox Talens

By Alejandro Melchor, for the Nahual tribe.

Gnosis: Sphere level+3

The Nahual ocasionally go in hunts for Paradox Spirits; the most daring go to Paradox Realms, the most opportunistic save the ocassional mage by trapping the Spirits aimed at him; otherwise, they search the land for stray Paradox (and believe me, in Mexico there is plenty; the French call Mexico the most surrealistic country in the world). These talens are used then when the Nahual face a Mage of any kind. Activation means freeing the Spirit and directing it to its target, usually breaking the vessel, which is appropriate to the Sphere the Spirit belongs to (e.g. a battery for Forces, a watch for Time, a compass for Correspondence, a plant for Life, a stone for Matter, a feather for Spirit, dice for Entropy, a holy simbol for Prime, a calculator for Mind, etc.). No matter how successful the Mage is, Paradox from the talens always gets at her. These talens automatically protect the Nahual if she's victim of Sphere Magick, but break and don't attack the Mage. The talens only works against magick of the same Sphere as the Spirit that inhabits them, and only for effects of equal or less levels of the trapped Spirit's level.