Rite of Divestiture (Level Five)

By Jessica McGeary, for the People of the Law tribe.

This rite is generally led by several Theurges, and always includes at least one Galliard. The Rite is cast upon a metis Garou, and long ago in the early days was tested upon a few metises who had followed the Pack south at a distance. Halakha was MAD when she found out about this, and severely punished them for what they did, as they had not asked the metises for permission nor had they told her of their plans. (This instance warranted the use of the Gift: Violation on the guilty parties.) However, after the punishment was over, the Rite's potential value was acknowledged, and it was incorporated into their lore. The Rite involves elements of the Rending of the Veil, and incorporates the Galliard powers of creation and reshaping reality; it invokes spirits of the Deep Umbra. It removes their ability to change shape and renders them a human or wolf (Galliard's choice; must be stated at the beginning of the Rite), though still sterile and deformed. I don't know what the rolls involved would be; one of you come up with it. Often the metis falls down afterwards unconscious for upwards of an hour. There have been some incidents where they've been left for wild dogs or something else - in one case a Black Spiral Dancer was caught and stripped of the Change, then left to be found by something the homid members of the tribe thought useful.... a CNN camera crew.