Rite of the Smoking Mirror (Level 3)

By Alejandro Melchor, for the Nahual tribe.

This is a more powerful version of the Smoking Mirror Gift; it's used as a Rite of Passage for all new Nahual and for those who wish to join them. The Rite will open a Moongate to Tezcatlipoca's Realm: the Ursa Major constellation. The traveler will gaze into a pool of silvery liquid, steaming from a magical heat, and the gate will open. Tezcatlipoca will show the traveler her own darkness, which is nothing compared to the image shown by the homologous Gift, for that is illusion; this is real. All that is horrible of herself is shown to the traveler and she must accept it. This most be roleplayed. She must roll Perception+Enigmas against her Rage; each success drains a Gnosis point and the traveler must roll Willpower against 7, failure meaning madness (curable); a botch means death. When all Gnosis has been drained, Tezcatlipoca replaces it to its former level; but the Gnosis now carries his taint. After the Rite; the traveler is a full Nahual, or a most trusted ally.