By Dorian Winter (

These talens were created by a roving Stargazer Ragabash, who gave ten of them to the Garou of the Viennese Caern as a token of his friendship. They are made of an amorphous gray mass, that changes colours in an unpredictable way, when someone touches and activates them. These talens are used to confuse an adversary. To do so, they are activated and thrown among a group or in front of a single individual. They will instantly draw the interest of its victims onto itself. The victim will start start thinking intensely what this item might be, and discuss it fervently, if in group. This will bind the victim'' concentration, but only to a certain point. The victim will for example not take notice of the Garou, who are using the talen, sneaking away, but she will certainly notice if she is attacked by the players. If the activation of the talen is botched, the packmates of the talen's user will see The-Thing-No-One-Knows, take great interest in it and start pestering the user with questions of the things nature for the remainder of the story.