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Billy Bishop's Mage page
(??? 2/8/98 ???)

B.J. Zanzibar's Mage page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

B.J. Zanzibar's Mage mirror
Maintained by John Palmer. No longer being updated.
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Cameron Blackwood's Mage page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Blake's Digital Web Home Sector
(NEW 1/2/98 NEW)

Brownstone Chantry
Maintained by Eric VanDycke; IRC chronicle
(OK 4/30/97 OK)

[b|e]   C   [top]

Chimera's Mage Archives
Maintained by Brant Harvey
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

The Continuum Hub
Maintained by Constantine Thomas
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Coursers: A Mage Craft
Maintained by Chris Chambers
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Cronius Chantry
Maintained by Xristo Bouras
(NEW 8/12/98)

[c|g]   E   [top]

Aristomenis Economopoulos' Mage page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Peter Erikkson's Mage page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

[e|h]   G   [top]

Sandy Goh's World of Darkness
(NEW 8/16/98 NEW)

Great Minds Mage page
Maintained by Gambit; NPCs
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

GURPS Mage: The Ascension 2nd Edition
Maintained by Michael Bowman
(OK 4/30/97 OK)

[g|i]   H   [top]

The Heaven Network
Maintained by the Technocrat; Technocracy information
(NEW 1/23/98 NEW)

Roberto Hoyle's Mage page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

[h|k]   I   [top]

Infinity Chantry
Maintained by Andrew Pulver; site for Mage chat room on WW's site
(NEW 3/21/98 NEW)

[i|l]   K   [top]

Keene Prime
Maintained by Tod. T. Fox
(NEW 4/17/98 NEW)

Kilroy's Mage Page
Contains Louisville and NWO sections
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

[k|m]   L   [top]

Logan's Page o' Magi
Maintained by Matt Steele
(NEW 2/26/98 NEW)

[l|o]   M   [top]

MadHatter's Mage Page
Maintained by Mark Jones
(??? 10/19/97 ???)

Mage: The Ascension
Maintained by Peter Miller; character templates
(??? 10/19/97 ???)

The Mage Hub
Maintained by Constantine Thomas
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Mage page
Has reviews
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Mage Stuff by Me!!!
Maintained by Shelby Babb
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Damien Moore's Mage page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Maintained by Aristomenis Economopoulos; Searchable rote database!
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Randy Mosiondz's Mage Page
The Flatland Chronicles
(NEW 2/26/98 NEW)

[m|r]   O   [top]

The Online Rote Database
Maintained by Ian Ward; searchable rote archive.
(NEW 4/20/98 NEW)

[o|s]   R   [top]

Reality Check
(NEW 8/16/98 NEW)

Seth Rutledge's Mage page
(??? 10/19/97 ???)

[r|t]   S   [top]

Salt Lake City: Death of the Innocent
Chronicle page for a Mage IRC game
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Anders Sandberg's Mage Page
High quality collection of Mage texts.
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Shockwave Riders Mage page
Maintained by Thaddeus Howze
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Shadowlord's Virtual Adepts page
Maintained by Tom Springer
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

[s|b]   T   [top]

Towards Ascension
Created by Yahoel; Yahoo Club devoted to Mage.
(NEW 9/22/98 NEW)

Triangle Ascension
Maintained by Rob Napier; Chronicle page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)