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General Subscription Information

To subscribe to any of these lists, you must be sending from a valid email address! Quadruple check to be sure! If you're not sure, contact your technical support.

When subscribing to the Majordomo (, and discussion lists, send mail to, or respectively and type in the body of the message:

subscribe <list name> <your email address>

To subscribe to the LISTSERV ( lists, send mail to and in the body of the message, type:

subscribe <list name> <your real name>

You cannot use an alias when subscribing to the lists!

Leave the subject header blank for all subscription requests. Under NO circumstances should you try to subscribe to a list by sending a message to the list itself!

When you first subscribe, the mail server will send you instructions. Under NO circumstances are you to delete this!

The Camarilla

There are a number of mailing lists for the Camarilla fan club but since they get rather pissy when non-members participate, I don't think it's wise to post their addresses here. However, if you are a member of the Camarilla, talk to someone in the organization who has a clue about computers and see if they can get you on to the lists. DON'T ask me. I'm clueless about the Camarilla these days.

BJZ Mailing Lists

I've also set up mailing lists for my archive. None of them are for discussion as there are already mailing lists for that. Instead, whenever I receive a new submission or a substantial revision of an old one, I will forward text and HTML copies of it to the appropriate lists. These are the lists that are currently available:

bjz-all:New and revised entries from all of the games.
bjz-vampire:Vampire: The Masquerade, Vampire: The Dark Ages, and MET: Masquerade entries.
bjz-werewolf:Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Werewolf: The Wild West, MET: Apocalypse and MET: Laws of the Wyld entries.
bjz-mage:Mage: The Ascension and Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade entries.
bjz-wraith:Wraith: The Oblivion, Wraith: The Great War and MET: Oblivion entries.
bjz-changeling:Changeling: The Dreaming entries.
bjz-potpourri:Miscellaneous entries that fall outside the domains of the five main games.
bjz-html:HTML source files for new and revised submissions.

So, for example, whenever I enter a new Mage talisman, I send a text version to bjz-all and bjz-mage and an HTML version to bjz-html. To subscribe, send mail to In the body of the message, type:

subscribe <list name>

Replace <list name> with one of the lists described above.

NEVER send mail to the lists themselves (e.g., bjz-all, bjz-potpourri, bjz-vampire, etc.).

The Discussion Lists
The Great Minds Project. Chronicle information pertaining to the World of Darkness
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
Mage fan club discussion list. Essentially a dead list.
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
In character discussion
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
General World of Darkness
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
The Malkavian Madness Network
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
Vampire discussion list
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
Werewolf discussion list
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
Mage discussion list
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
Wraith discussion list
(OK 5/6/98 OK)
Changeling discussion list
(OK 5/6/98 OK)

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