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Access Denied
Online Gamer registry
(NEW 3/23/98 NEW)

Online Horror Magazine
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

American Vampire
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Anders Sandberg's Magick page
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Anne Rice page
Maintained by Sharon Forest
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

AxleRing of Elxalraj
Home page for the AxleRing of Elxalraj Web Ring
(NEW 8/10/98 NEW)

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Backstage at the Theatre of the Mind
RPG resource; publishes an electronic newsletter.
(NEW 3/21/98 NEW)

The breZy Zone
Maintained by breZy
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

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The Cabinet of Dr. Casey
Maintained by Casey Hopkins; Horror
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Cel' Neoth
(NEW 10/21/97 NEW)

[c|g]   D   [top]

Dark Shadows
Maintained by Judy Phillips; Dark Shadows soap
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Dark Shadows Supernatural page
Maintained by Alane Megna; Dark Shadows soap
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

The Dark Web
Maintained by Circe; Gothic and vampire material
(??? 10/21/97 ???)

Dark Side of the Web
Maintained by Carrie Carolin
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Maintained by the Alienist; Gothic e-mag
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

(OK 10/21/97 OK)

[d|h]   G   [top]

Gint Horror page
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

[g|i]   H   [top]

Maintained by Matt Schwartz; Horror web 'zine.
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

[h|j]   I   [top]

The Internet Roleplaying Society
Maintained by Kosala Ubayasekara. On-line resource for gamers of all breeds.
(NEW 12/3/97 NEW)

[i|k]   J   [top]

Java's Crypt
Maintained by Georgia Panaritis; White Wolf endorsed jewelry
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

[j|m]   K   [top]

Kindred: The Embraced
Official page
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Kindred the Embraced at Kitten's Korner
Maintained by London Myers
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Kindred: The Embraced Timeline
Maintained by Edgar Governo
(NEW 11/14/97 NEW)

[k|n]   M   [top]

Online store: Tarot, candle holders, capes
(NEW 3/23/98 NEW)

MDG Gaming
Online game show; nice layout.
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Mithral Web
Maintained by Adam Beberg; Highlander
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Mystic Archive
Archive for a RPG, CCG and video game newsletter.
(??? 10/21/97 ???)

[m|p]   N   [top]

Nature of Gargoyles
Maintained by Lady Faye of Avalon; for Gargoyles the cartoon series, using some modified excerpts from WoD Gargoyles supplements
(NEW 12/2/97 NEW)

[n|r]   P   [top]

Maintained by Conrad Hubbard; online RPG journal
(NEW 1/10/98 NEW)

[p|s]   R   [top]

Rage home page
Maintained by Cory Scott
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Ravenscar Nights home page
Maintained by T. Dark
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Realm of Shadows
(NEW 11/16/97 NEW)

Ring of the ArchMagi
Home page for the Ring of the ArchMagi Web Ring
(OK 8/10/98 OK)

RPG Book Netmarket
Online gaming book store.
(NEW 2/26/98 NEW)

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Sabretooth's Lair
Maintained by Scott Whitty; custom made fangs and other special effects
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

The Shift
Maintained by Shadow Lu; free-form RPG
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

[s|v]   U   [top]

UWB Kindred: The Embraced site
Maintained by Bev Freed
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

[u|w]   V   [top]

Vampire Lestat's Gothic page
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
Official page by Wizards of the Coast
(??? 10/21/97 ???)

Vampiric Tendencies
Maintained by Anduril
(NEW 10/19/97 NEW)

Vampyre's Only
Maintained by Brad Middleton; Vampire resource
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

Visionary Games
Games and Fiction (Mitchell J. Gross)
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

[v|x]   W   [top]

Women in Gaming
Maintained by Lise Mendel; Female perspectives in role-playing
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

[w|a]   X   [top]

The X-Files page
Maintained by Charles McGrew
(OK 10/21/97 OK)

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