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[w|b]   A   [top]

Aimee's Guide to the Black Fury
Maintained by Roger Armstrong
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Amhotep's Homepage
Maintained by Martin Skerhut; German site
(NEW 9/23/98 NEW)

[a|c]   B   [top]

Bejeir Brooks' Gaming Division
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

B.J. Zanzibar's Werewolf page
Maintained by Abe Dashiell
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

B.J. Zanzibar's Werewolf mirror
Maintained by John Palmer. No longer being updated.
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

[b|e]   C   [top]

Caern of Enigmas
Home for the Caern of Enigmas Web Ring
(NEW 9/22/98 NEW)

Call of the Wild
Maintained by Adam Tinworth; interview with Ethan Skemp and Justin Achilli about W:tWW
(NEW 4/23/98 NEW)

Claww's Den
Has a "Garou Tester" form
(NEW 1/2/98 NEW)

Maintained by Jeff Dailey; Lovecraftian weresquids
(NEW 8/12/98 NEW)

[c|f]   E   [top]

Enter Selene's Light
Maintained by Coyolxauhqui; Bastet
(NEW 4/17/98 NEW)

[e|g]   F   [top]

Fade: The Dying of the Light
Maintained by Fade
(NEW 8/14/98 NEW)

Fianna of the Hidden Walk
Maintained by Brett Cashman
(NEW 1/6/98 NEW)

[f|h]   G   [top]

Great Minds Werewolf page
Maintained by Gambit; NPCs
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

[g|i]   H   [top]

The Hive of Gaia's Death
Maintained by IkCha, Sat'tyr and Morg; Black Spiral Dancers
(NEW 10/19/97 NEW)

Homemade Worlds of Darkness
Maintained by Matthew D. Howell
(NEW 8/10/98 NEW)

Roberto Hoyle's Werewolf page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

[h|l]   I   [top]

Iron-Claw's Werewolf: The Apocalypse Page
Maintained by Iron-Claw; WW information in English and German
(OK 8/16/98 OK)

Iron Haze's Home Page
Maintained by Erik LaBelle
(??? 10/19/97 ???)

[i|m]   L   [top]

Legends of the Garou
Maintained by Jean-Philipe Chapleau; Stories.
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Lilith's Den-Realm
(NEW 8/22/98 NEW)

[l|p]   M   [top]

Mac's Werewolf Page
McRey "Mac" Moyer
(NEW 8/10/98 NEW)

Kevin McHorney's Werewolf and Rage page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Damien Moore's Werewolf page
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

MystWalker's Bastet Page
(NEW 8/14/98 NEW)

[m|r]   P   [top]

Peacemaker's Den
Maintained by Christopher Miller
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Pentex World HQ
Maintained by Hound; "Pentex corporate site."
(NEW 8/10/98 NEW)

[p|s]   R   [top]

Rage Across the Central Coast
Maintained by Sean O'Leary; Werewolf chronicle page
(NEW 4/21/98 NEW)

Rage Across Kirksville
Maintained by Andy Baker
(NEW 8/16/98 NEW)

Rage against the Darkness
Garou information; part of Rage against the Darkness LARP page
Maintained by Collin Toohey
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Ring of the Apocalypse
Home page for the Ring of the Apocalypse Werewolf Web Ring
(NEW 12/13/97 NEW)

Ring of the Umbral Travelers
Home for the Ring of Umbral Travelers Web Ring
(NEW 9/22/98 NEW)

[r|w]   S   [top]

Sepdet's MUSH page
Maintained by Ellen Brundige. Silent Strider Info
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Sept of the Burning Moon
Maintained by Greg Dolberg
(NEW 10/22/97 NEW)

Sept of Gaia's Fangs: The Realm of Gaia
Maintained by Grandfather Wolf; lots of Werewolf stuff. Kill a fomor!
(NEW 11/10/97 NEW)

Sept of Igau
Maintained by Samantha McCullah; Silent Striders
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Sept of the Silver Valley
Maintained by John C. Johnston
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Sept of the Star's Destiny
Maintained by JXinjin@aol.com.
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Shadowlord's Werewolf: The Apocalypse page
Maintained by Tom Springer
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Shifters of Ashland
Maintained by Silent Strider; Shape shifters in the Ashland Virtual City
(NEW 12/2/97 NEW)

Silent Strider Homepage
Maintained by Kevin Bronakoski
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

The Silver Record
Maintained by Sean Piche
(NEW 8/10/98 NEW)

Speaks-With-Keys White Wolf Stuff
Maintained by David Turner; characters
(NEW 9/22/98 NEW)

Stargazer Tribe Page
Maintained by Dennis Wise.
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Storm-Strider's Lair
Maintained by Andrew Czereyski; Sept page and garou information
(NEW 10/19/97 NEW)

[s|a]   W   [top]

Welcome to my Place
Maintained by Adrian Dezeo; Stargazer
(NEW 8/12/98 NEW)

Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Maintained by the University of Virginia Strategy Gaming Club
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

Werewolf: The Wild West
Maintained by Bork; Wild West PBEM and IRC page
(NEW 1/24/98 NEW)

Maintained by Jay Turner. A page for his Chiropterix creation
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

White Bear's Territory
Maintained by John Westcott
(??? 10/19/97 ???)

White Howler Home Page
Maintained by Blackstar
(OK 10/19/97 OK)

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