Tears of Emphain

By Thomas Frank

This was originally a gift given by a Worshipper of the Whispering Blade to a Silent Strider Ragabash with a Toreador elder foe. This Talen is created from the tears of a vampire's true love, a rare thing indeed. At a moment of great emotion, the tears must be caught on the fingers and placed in a silver vial for 3 nights under a full moon. The Rite of Binding must then be done, and on the 4th day, the tears turn into glass beads, that when crushed in the presence of the vampire, cause the leech to lose one generation per tear for ONE scene. This deadly Talen is especially useful, because so few leeches know of it, even the Tremere doubt its power. But beware: overuse of this Talen and the methods of its gathering will put your loved ones at mortal risk as well. Who said love never dies, forgot its price. (Note: Wraiths have been known to be strongly drawn to the use of the Tears, as it is said that it is they who are bound till the beads are crushed).