[okay, due to many requests, I will try to repost my tradition; but bear with me, I can only post small files, so it might take a lot of them to get the whole thing. Then, could someone put it all back together and put it in an FTP site so people could go there directly? Thanks, also, I'd love to hear comments on the Trad, especially how it's used in your stories. Till later. Tom Frank] Danger calls, it intoxicates/ beyond the walls, real excitement waits adrenaline rush, dance along the ledge/ forbidden touch, kiss the razor's edge limits fade, fear into delight/ wicked blade, shining in the light rip the skies, show us what you feel/ cut the ties, touch the naked steel. - --"Can you feel the passion" Blue Pearl, 1992 SBK records

Worshippers of the Whispering Blade

Philosophy: The way of the passions leads us to the union with the dream within every sleeper and magi. The passions and shadows of the soul reveal themselves in many ways: to the Cultist it is through the rapture of flesh, to the Akashic it is though the harmony of Do, to the Verbena it is through sacrifice and rebirth. We are the quieter road, the road to peaceful emptiness, beyond even the pale of death, as death is only an illusion of the sleeper. Hear the songs of the blade; let it fill your nightmares with the quiet hills of summer that becomes fall, empty your anger into the folds of the empty hands of time, and let the divine will flow into the world through the heart of your inner child. Listen to the songs of the blade through the echoes of space and time and behold the passage through the Tempest that leads to Ascension.

From the dawn of time, woman and man have sought the perfection of the blade, only to realize that it is their own beings that are tempered in the forge. The stronger the blade, the closer to Ascension we are, but do not forget that in the end, when the demons walk within the shadows of your soul, that the strong- est blade is within the ear of your heart.

History: The Worshippers are rumored to have been founded in the shadows of the First City, making blades for their Kindred overlords, but many escaped to the lands of the Garou, Fey, and even Wraiths, and therefore they survived the Deluge. Through the millennia, Worshippers sought the perfection of the blade, not only the weapons of the warrior, but the ritual scars and tattoos of the living blade, that of the flesh made steel. With the rise of technology, they learned to adapt, they preserved the blade even in light of the coming of the rifle and the bomb -- hence the bayonet, the ceremonial sword, and always, the ritual tattoo, and the honored wound of battle. Some Worshippers, riddled with Paradox, have deformed into caricatures of the dwarves of legend, though many of these same magi would tell you that they are indeed the cousins of the Fey.

Organization: Groups of three magi form Chantry-forges with a number of sleeper acolytes. The Triad consists of the Grandmaster, the Master-instructor, and a Journier, who wanders from Chantry to Chantry until she perfects her own style. There is no bias of gender, it is skill that determines rank. Many women form powerful chantries, especially Kinfolk and Changelings. They would tell you that their work preserves the memory of their ancestors and honors the face of their mothers. The two main factions of the tradition are the Worshippers of the Sword and the Worshippers of the Scar.

Chantry: There is no main chantry. Rumors say that their great forge was shattered with the destruction of the Ahl-i-Batin. Rumors also say that that assault was promoted by agents of the realms of the dead, who sought the forge for the war against Oblivion. Who knows, especially as the Worshippers do not speak of the loss to outsiders.

Acolytes: Students of Kendo, Garou, especially Ahroun and Theuge Auspices. It is said that the Assamite embraced many Worshippers in their wars against the Camarilla, though a truce now allows them to study without embracing the master Tattoo artists. Immortals, though unable to wield magick have studied under the Worshippers and are often their guardians as well. Kinfolk are especially favored, as well as those in tune with the realms of the dead. Hunters are usually not openly aided, as the Tradition believes in neutrality.

Initiation: The Awakening of a Worshipper is begun with a battle with an inner passion -- an inner jihad in which the apprentice is confronted by that which blocks their Essence from Ascension. A Dynamic Avatar sends the mage on a dream quest in which he confronts that which lessens his free will. A Pattern Avatar will bring the mage into a realm of Quiet where she must enforce her own will to re-establish reality. A Primordial Avatar will appear as the mage's alter ego, a hobgoblin that tests and taunts the magi, forcing a confrontation to determine which aspect is more real. A Questing Avatar will appear as the object she is destined to create -- either the perfect weapon or the master canvas of flesh. These quests often lead to the founding of schools of thought embraced by sleepers and magi alike. Failure of these tests is not unusual, and there is no dishonor. That which does not kill the magi, makes them stronger.



Quote: There was a time to slay the dragon: that time is past. Realize that in order to save the Mother, we must heal the severing of balance. There can be no Ascension without a return to the balance of the triat.


Akashics: The ways of Do are a true path; but we believe that the body and soul must precede the mind into Ascension.

Ahl-i-Batin: the loss of the Great Mountain hurt us deeply. We do not ask for payment from the Batini, to be honored by their asking is enough.

Celestial Chorus: Many a paladin has asked us for a blade embodied with the powers of the One. We respect these fading knights as the One they seek, is the memory of the Triat made whole.

Cult of Ecstacy: In challenging reality, they open themselves to Ascension. Perhaps our blades will help them cut the cords to an age of beauty.

Dreamspeakers: We too have reverence for Gaia as we are as old as the shamans. But we show our respect from the weapons we forge to defend her.

Euthanatos: Though the blade is oft but the tool of death, we will punish those who dishoner its power though butchery.

Hollow Ones/Orphans: These allies of Wraiths make interesting clients. Those of the Scar are much in vogue with these magi, and have gained many allies.

Order of Hermes: We regret the failure of the Mythic Age, but it is the past. Books and patterns are only as powerful as those who wield them. Beware.

Society of Ether: Not above a ceremonial sword, though nano-mechanical forges will never replace the anvil and hammer of one's soul.

Verbena: Those of the Scar are close to their ways. They ask for the most interesting blades.

Virtual Adepts: Forging a virtual blade is a fascinating challenge, and naturally, what is a Street Samurai without a . . .

Technocracy: Though they look upon us as throwbacks to another era, no technomancer is above using a blade, and hence we perservere. Ironically, many have found wisdom in our schools of thought, espcially the Syndicate.

Kindred: Beware contracts of blood. Be careful of forging too many blades of silver and iron, for we must all live in harmony with the darkness as well as the light. Toreador can become entranced by those of the Scar, Ventrue pay well for our blades. Do not ignore those of the depths, as they wear upon their bodies their battles with their souls, and once made, they are great allies.

Garou: Our ancient allies and protectors. However, remember that balance keeps us from destruction. Remember that the path of life is often grey. Their dark ones, the worshippers of Thunder ask for terrible blades for their wars upon the mountain. Their Silents ones often walk with us into the realms of the dead to find wisdom. The fallen ones, those who Gnaw the bones of despair should always be protected. The followers of the Furies are great forgers in their own right, much have we learned together.

Immortals: Our allies and guardians, the swords we forge for them are bound by spirits of deception, in this way they can remain hidden until needed. No immortal has ever betrayed us, for they know, the swords would sever their own heads first.

Spirits and Fey: Some of us have created swords that steal souls. Beware.

Many of us have entered Arcadi and the realms of the dead. Remember well the power of Nhudri, the Grand High Artificer over all Worshippers. Some have even dedicated themselves to his service in the next life. Many a Journier has become a carrier of the dead. Remember too, that we are also agents of the living and walk our own paths to Ascension and Transcendence.

Factions: There are many factions within those of the Sword and Scar, these include. The Fostern of Abel, The Sisters of Artemis, The Fists of Fian, the Scar of Wotan. Some of these are renegades who have become Hunters. Beware.

Artifacts: The Tears of Emphain, the Klaive of Shadows, the Woads of Cu Chulainn

Rotes: Founding of the Forge, Bladewalking.