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  • A Most Elusive Specimen (HUM)
  • By Mike Darling. The rarest thing in the World of Darkness: normal people.

  • Natural Animals in the World of Darkness
  • By Alexander Marzec. Wild animals get some respect in the WoD.

  • Anti-Communist Movement
  • By Amanda Spikol. A shadowy, anti-oppression organization.


  • Capitol City Streets
  • By Tod T. Fox. A weekly Austin newspaper published by the homeless.

  • Cathari
  • By Matthew Morris. Ancient Hunters.

  • Channel Hackers ("The Remote Controls")
  • By Eric VanDycke. Sleeper hackers who subvert the Technocracy.

  • Chimney Sweeps of London
  • By The Geek in the Hat. Think Mary Poppins

  • Church Knights: The Cainite Crusade
  • By Jamie Seidel. Fanatical hunters derived from the Knights Templar, Hospitaller and Teutone.

  • Cuacuahtzin
  • By Alejandro Melchor. Legendary Aztec Eagle Knights.

  • Cult of Roses
  • By Jason Darrah. Cult of vampire wannabes (and sorta-ares).

  • Cyber Ninja
  • By Nicole A. Cybernetic assassins.


  • Deutschritter: Teutonic Knight
  • By Jamie Seidel. A supplement for Church Knights.

  • Drorenkinder
  • By Mitchell Kelly. A hunter organization that wishes to destroy the Camarilla and bring about the Fourth Reich.


  • Freak: The Scene
  • By Marc17, with additional material by Drew Edwards. "Counter-culture" cliques.

  • Frontier Alliance
  • By Corey Alambar. Technolibertarian group of futurists.


  • Gitan
  • By and Gypsy tribe.

  • Guilds of New Orleans
  • By Mitch Kelly and Al Stuart. Mysterious families of thieves and assassins who unwittingly serve a Deathlord.

  • Gypsies Minds Eye Theatre Rules (MET)
  • By Thomas De Vore. LARP rules.


  • Hedge Magick (REV)
  • By Timothy Toner. Hedge Wizardry detailed.

  • The Highest Society
  • By Mitch Kelly and Al Stuart. A fading group of mortals who oppose all Awakened beings and wish to rule humanity.

  • Hospitaller: Knights of Saint John
  • By Jamie Seidel. A supplement for Church Knights.


  • Illuminati: The Conspiracy
  • By Stephen Esdale. Mortals trying to rule the world and exterminate supernatural beings.


  • Jedi Knights
  • By Sara Lanford. Based on Star Wars.


  • The Knights Templar
  • By John Snead and Sarah Link. One of the primary inspirations for the Church Knights.


  • Maniacs: The Urge
  • By Michael Bauer. Power bred through madness.

  • The Men in Black
  • By Derek Crews. Based off the comic book, movie and cartoon series.

  • Mentalist: The Whisper
  • By Matt Robarge. Psychics.

  • Munchkin: The Nagging (HUM)
  • By Peloquin. Read this if you've ever seriously asked your ST if you could play Caine.


  • New Ager
  • By Rasmus Hansson. Humans in touch with the Universe.


  • Order of the Cross
  • By Tim Coram. Pacifist order of Sorcerers.

  • The Order of Grendel
  • By Jason Cubas. An incomplete description of a militant Order of kinfolk.


  • Psychic: The Power
  • By Psychics who balance between control and power.

  • Psychics (REV)
  • By Christopher L Schneider. Sketches of psychic abilities.


  • Sons of Tertullian
  • By Lars Strøbæk. A faction of the Society of Leopold that specializes in exorcism.

  • STFX: The Encounter
  • By Jeremy Streeter. International special task force.

  • Students of Hate
  • By Adam Scott. Empowered and consumed by hatred.

  • Students of Love
  • By Adam Scott. Empowered and consumed by love.


  • Wizards
  • By Strutinan Cerberus. Numina with kick.