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  • Abelites: The Revenge
  • By Lance McComber. Ghoul-like beings who draw their power by killing kindred.

  • Amrids
  • By Tim Coram. A ghoul family serving the Inconnu.


  • The Brothers Grunt (HUM)
  • By Abe Dashiell, based on Danny Antonucci and Mtv's "The Brother's Grunt.


  • D'Carlo
  • By Fabian Alvarez. Militant servants of the D'Angelo.

  • DeLaurent
  • By Kaine Andrews. Egotistical nobles who serve the DeLaurent bloodline.

  • De Nant
  • By Arthur-Trevor D.M. Lasher. Highly inbred rulers of the Southron Republic.

  • Dhampir (version 1)
  • By Mark Kinney. What happens when a vampire and a human breed.

  • Dhampir (version 2) (REV)
  • By Mike Vides. Creatures born to humane vampires.

  • Dhampir: The Sin
  • By Self-hating offspring of vampires.

  • Dhampyr Shih (KOE)
  • By Jeremy Streeter. Revenant offspring of Kuei-Jin. Think Vampire Hunter D.

  • Dracul (VDA)
  • By C. Spencer Roberts. An infernalist family of ghoul fomori.

  • Dragonsbloods
  • By Adam Solis. Dhampir who hunt dragons.

  • Ducheski (REV)
  • By Mitchell Kelly. Loyal servants of the Tremere.


  • Eilunedar
  • By Alexander Marzec. Vicious changeling ghouls who have found a way to stave off banality with kindred blood.


  • Furies
  • By Adam Solis. Revenant garou who serve the Fallen Angels (Wildly unbalanced).


  • Gargouille
  • By Abe Dashiell. The reason behind those rumors of egg-laying gargoyles.

  • The Truth about the Giovanni (REV)
  • By Adam Solis. Includes information on Giovanni revenants and Dhampir.

  • The Giovanni
  • By Diogo Antunes Broner. The Giovanni revenants.


  • Imperiturae
  • By JDuncan Carriker. Monastic servants of the Inconnu


  • Mage-Ghoul
  • By Dave Losito. Mages addicted to vampiric blood.

  • Manichaen
  • By Arthur-Trevor D.M. Lasher. Progenitor/Tzimisce creations.

  • Martense
  • By Daniel Harms. Bestial tunnel-dwellers.

  • Mascagni
  • By Fabian Alvarez.Servile lackeys of the D'Angelo.


  • Naga
  • By Andrew Cram. A Setite ghoul family charged with the protection of a progeny of Set.


  • Orifiel
  • By Naturalistic family born of the Gangrel.


  • Typsies (HUM)
  • By Handel W. Care and Mr. Badger. Boozing revenants of Malkavian descent.


  • The Vampirica Arcana papers
  • By Keith Kaczmarek. What happens to mages who dally with kindred vitae.