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  • Acrophage
  • By Anders Sandberg. The Spirit of Hubris.

  • Angel of Pain
  • By Anders Sandberg. The embodiment of Pain.


  • Bittersweet
  • By Tod T. Fox. An Epiphling that brings about feelings of melancholy.


  • Cleaners
  • By Andrew Weitzman. Beings that remove all traces of a mage's existence.

  • Chronomancers
  • By Tod T. Fox. Time Paradox spirits.

  • Ciphon
  • By Malcus Dorroga. Spirits that feed on Paradox.

  • Covert Executives
  • By Stuart Ellis. Unawakened agents of the Technocracy.


  • Electronic Cat
  • By Anders Sandberg. Mysterious cuddly constructs.


  • Gargoyle
  • By Alexander Shearer. Living statues (not the same as the line of vampires)

  • Guardian of Dreams
  • By Anders Sandberg. A being who guards the barrier between dreams and waking reality.


  • HIT Mark 5.1
  • By Bob Cooper. Diversified Technocracy construct.

  • Homing Chihuahua (HUM)
  • By James Hertsch III. A living talisman.

  • The Host
  • By Adam Solis. Similar to Kami, Fomori and Risen, individuals possessed by spirits.


  • LF-106
  • By Ian Ward. Think Aliens and then think what would happen if the Technocracy got ahold of them.

  • Liquid People
  • By Anders Sandberg. Bizarre creatures made of liquid flesh.

  • Little Nasties
  • By Anders Sandberg. Things that go bump in the night.

  • The Living Plastic Creations of Dr. Rhenborg
  • By Anders Sandberg. Malleable constructs.

  • The Luggage
  • By Andrew Weitzman. Loyal, homicidal and a nice place to put your socks.


  • Material Beings (Gremlins)
  • By Anders Sandberg. Mischievous and destructive spirits that possess material objects.

  • Manichaen
  • By Arthur-Trevor D.M. Lasher. Progenitor/Tzimisce creations.

  • Monitors
  • By Michael Moolick. Technospirits allied with the Void Engineers.


  • Nightside Enforcers
  • By Michael Moolick. Progenitor constructs with vampiric blood running in their veins.


  • Prodigies
  • By Anders Sandberg. Genetically engineered geniuses.

  • Progenitor Nightmares
  • By Boris. SPECIES and ALIEN style creatures modified by the Technocracy.


  • Sapphire and Steel
  • By David Hood. Gauntlet-dwelling spirit that set reality right.

  • Seborg
  • By Gregory Deych. Humans enhanced by an alien symbiote.

  • Shadow Moths
  • By Stuart Ellis. Entropy feeding insects of the Umbra.

  • Shadowing Lemmas
  • By CD Skogsberg. 2-D paradox spirits.

  • Shards
  • By John Thompson. Not-quite-mages who unconsciously modify the local consensual reality.

  • Superior Modifications (REV) = Revision, modification, expansion, or reinterpretation
  • By Peter Sears. Modifications to Progenitor clones.

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  • Terror
  • By Anders Sandberg. Powerful spirit of terror.

  • T'Kra
  • By Stephen Johnson. Tellurian pillaging aliens. (Think ID4)


  • Vampire Bygone
  • By Blake1001. A Bela Lugosi-style thaumavore.


  • Werewolf Bygones
  • By Blake1001. Three kinds of werewolf-like thaumavores.