Mage: The Ascension and Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade

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Ten Newest Mage Entries

  1. February 13, 2000: Necklace Unredeemable talisman. By Andrew Marshall.
  2. November 28, 1999: 10, Number of the Soul sphere. By Shell Luzny. Includes the Hat of Despair and Tight Turtle Neck talismans.
  3. November 25, 1999: Children of Ether. By Pete Overton.
  4. November 25, 1999: Gloop talisman. By Jonas Bolander.
  5. November 14, 1999: Stealth Honda talisman. By Andrew Marshall.
  6. November 2, 1999: Wyrmclaw talisman/treasure. By Dafydd Flower.
  7. October 30, 1999: The Blade Called Loss talisman. By Peter Kendall.
  8. October 30, 1999: Summoners craft. By Shawn Arbuckle. Includes the Summoning sphere.
  9. October 2, 1999: Seborg construct. By Gregory Deych.
  10. September 19, 1999: Rubber Ducky talisman. By Harmonious Bob.

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