Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Werewolf: The Wild West

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Ten Newest Werewolf Entries

  1. February 11, 2000: Weapons of the Triat fetishes. By Claws Of Fire.
  2. November 26, 1999: Power Glove, Steel Skeleton, Sunlight and Visual Scanner fetishes. By gothic_dead_man.
  3. November 26, 1999: Donovan's Pen Wyrm fetish. By Hastur7.
  4. November 13, 1999: The New Bunyip. By Noe More.
  5. November 6, 1999: Spirit of Halloween. By Drew Lee.
  6. November 3, 1999: Hellcats (revised). Concept by Adam Solis. Revised by Brom Evangelon.
  7. November 2, 1999: Pokeball fetish. By Elthon S. Maria.
  8. October 30, 1999: Stormbringer fetish. By LoafofPuppyBread@aol.com.
  9. October 24, 1999: Werebat: The Redemption. By Derek Marcoux.
  10. October 23, 1999: Wrath of Gaia gift. By Phil Farneti.

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