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  • Befuddle
  • By Kirstin Hargie and Jayke Rhyen. The art of illusion.

  • Beguile
  • By Kirstin Hargie and Jayke Rhyen. Making people think what you want them to.


  • Catalysis
  • By John Eno. Manipulating Oblivion.

  • Conflagration
  • By Leroy Van Camp III. Playing with soulfire. Includes the Conflagrants build.


  • Eclipsium
  • By Robert Perks and Ron King. Manipulating the substance of the Shadowlands.

  • Eolin Noctus
  • By Kirstin Hargie. Masquerade as a Spectre and navigate the labyrinth.

  • Ergosis
  • By Zach Archer. Mind over matter.

  • Essenscion
  • By Derek Marcoux. Manipulating corpus.


  • Figmentation
  • By Kirstin Hargie and Jayke Rhyen. Painting art with liquid pathos.

  • Filch
  • By Paul Niziol Tempest driven telekinesis.


  • Ixaos
  • By Zach Archer. Inciting primal emotions and changing a wraith's existence.

  • Ignus Fatuus
  • By Matt McFarland. The powers of the will-o-wisp.

    Additional powers for
  • Inhabit (REV)
  • By Paul Strack. Inhabit for the Technologically Challenged wraith.


  • Mercuriality
  • By Kiri Hargie and Jayke Rhyen. The art of movement. Includes the "Couriers" Guild.

  • Mnemosynis 6 (Activate Meme) (REV)
  • By Ryan Tuccinardi. The reason for the Delerium?


  • Necronomics
  • By Cassandra Keaton. A dangerous arcanos that draws off the power of Oblivion.


  • Phantasm Revised (REV)
  • By Brandon Quina

  • Poltergeist
  • By David Posner. Make a highly destructive vortex.


  • Repartition
  • By Jayke Rhyen and Kirstin A. Hargie. Alter an object or relic. Include the "Squires" Guild.


  • Scripture
  • By Jayke Rhyen and Kirstin A. Hargie. Finding and gathering thoughts and emotions. Includes the "Scribes" guide.


  • Tectonics
  • by Kabael. Build a body out of the elements.

  • Telesthesia
  • By Dan Coffin, with revisions by Brandon Quina. ESP; includes the Psykers guild.


  • Wrath of Hell
  • By Way of the Soul art. Enter a frenzied state by calling on the P'o.