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  • Anime Treasures
  • By Kyrin. Treasures based on Japanese Animation.

  • More Anime Chimera and Treasures
  • By Nagaina. Chimera and treasures based on manga, anime and anime-based video games.

  • Arcadian Glamour
  • By Dan Rose. A tome of fae lore and knowledge.

  • Armor of Inferno
  • By FatherGanja. Ridiculously powerful armor based on the anime Ronin Warriors.


  • Bag o' Many Things
  • By Schpook. A bag that has within it almost anything the owner desires.

  • Balor's Blood
  • By Myranda Kalis. A stone that dissolves into a virulent poison, slowly killing anyone infused with Glamour.

  • The Book of All Tales
  • By Kai Londenberg. A book that brings the tales contained within to life.


  • The Cauldron of Xariphial
  • By Alan Kantor. An elusive treasure capable of miraculous acts of healing.


  • Dingus Egg
  • By Mathew Howard. Eggs that contain tremendous amounts of Glamour and powerful Chimera.


  • Elven Blade
  • By Robert Scott Wilson. Blades that glow in the presence of evil.

  • Eri's Tresses
  • By Deena McKinney. Sail that will always take you to a safe harbor.


  • The Famous Umbrella
  • By Robert Scott Wilson. Annoying and nigh indestructible!

  • Fez of Brigadoon
  • By Kent Jenkins. A hat that lets you speak foreign languages but not understand them.


  • Infinity Train
  • By Alan Kantor. A realm, world and time spanning locomotive.


  • Lucky Charms
  • By Schpook. Tools for enchanting Dreamers.


  • Moondirk Cloak
  • By Christopher R. Negelein. Cloak of darkness.

  • The Mirror
  • By Lynn Tanner. Summon the lover of your dreams.

  • Mask of Tears
  • By Myranda Kalis. Separate your fae self from your physical self and interact with the spirit realms.


  • Ring of Elatha
  • By Deena McKinney. Legendary lost ring of House Elatha.


  • Shooting Goggles
  • By Magnus Edlund. See in dark and foggy conditions.

  • Stout Pair of Traveling Boots
  • By Magnus Edlund. Boots that never wear down and keep you from having stinky feet.

  • Sword of Gunze
  • By Joshua Lee Peryea. Potent demon slayer from the East.

  • Sword of Pwyll
  • By Deena McKinney. Mighty weapon of House Elatha.

  • Sword of Undoing
  • By Lynna Landstreet. Horrific weapon that destroys both the wielder and his victims.


  • The Talisman
  • By Mathew Howard. Put it together and become the ultimate power in the universe -- the ST!

  • Troll Woad
  • By Kevin Berry. Woad invigorated by trollish blood.


  • Wallet of Miraculous Discovery
  • By Magnus Edlund. Wallet that you can never permanently lose.

  • Wyrmclaw
  • By Dafydd Flower. A hybrid weapon built from Glamour and True Magick.