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  • Amulet of Thepsis
  • By Gus Belanger. Obfuscate enhancement


  • Big Bag of Unpleasantness (HUM)
  • By The Trashcan Man. A bag with lots of nasty stuff stuff in it.

  • Blood Dagger
  • By Chris Wilson. A wicked Assamite weapon.

  • Blood Harp
  • By Andrew Weitzman. A mage created talisman that requires the blood of kindred to play.

  • Blood Scarf
  • By "Sir William Amber Robert Chamberlaine III." Weapon of the Dakini.

  • Blood Pen
  • By Timoth Toner. Want to sell your soul to the devil, use this.

  • BloodyGums
  • By Timothy Toner. Chewable blood.


  • Cloak of Astyanax
  • By Gus "Genesis" Belanger. A cloak that can transform into Greek Hoplite armor.

  • Cloak of Nightmares
  • By Lori Johnson. A cursed item weaved from the threads of a demon's dreams.

  • Codex Injustiae
  • By Gus "Genesis" Belanger. A tome chronicling the betrayal of the Cappadocians by the Giovanni.

  • Codex of Whispers
  • By Kay Knioum. An eerie tome of kindred knowledge.

  • Cold Rose
  • By Stuart Ellis. Mysterious glass chalice .

  • Cursed Talon of Baal
  • By Marduk Kurios. Dagger forged by Shaitan that imprisons a demon.


  • Dagger of Flight
  • By Gregory Colvin. A weapon reminiscent of the dagger from The Shadow.

  • Denora's Ring
  • By Wilhelm the Slayer. A ring that makes the wearer undetectable to the undead.

  • Dueling Pistols
  • By Wade "Oorag" Sands. Cursed blackpowder pistols.


  • The Eternity Bow
  • By Wilhelm the Slayer. A crossbow designed to kill kindred.


  • Heart's Shield
  • By Steven Markley. A fetish, created through Spirit Thaumaturgy, that gives its wearer resistance to Presence attacks.

  • Fortitude 10 (HUM)
  • By Black Jack Ripper. Sunscreen for vampires.


  • Ghost Edge
  • By Wilhelm the Slayer. An ax that only harms the undead.

  • Gold Ring
  • By Tom Lewis. A ring that protects the wearer against Dominate.

  • Grey Glasses of Faded Memory
  • By Rupert Watters. Glasses that protect your psyche from the evil you do.


  • Heaven's Armour (VDA)
  • By Steward Deering. Armor that quickens the body but slows the mind.

  • Hunter's Blades
  • By Wade "Oorag" Sands. Assassin's blade that drips poisonous blood.


  • Kaloran Sunstone
  • By Wilhelm the Slayer. A stone that can project sunlight.

  • Knife of Aqedah
  • By Allen Ruch. Biblical knife that has found its way to the World of Darkness.


  • The Liar's Tongue (MET)
  • By Sean Dalziel. Tell lies with impunity.


  • Malkavian Magic Items (HUM)
  • By JoN dOe. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • Mirror of Thaumaturgy
  • By Timothy Toner. Deflect magical attacks

  • Mood Ring
  • By Steven Mancini. Updated for the 90s!

  • MournBlade (MET)
  • By Broad sword with a demon bound into it.

  • Mystical Items for Masquerade (MET)
  • By Ian Turner. Enchanted Items for MET.


  • Rings of Katarirya
  • By Shayne Smith. A ring of minor enslavement.


  • Serpico's Specs
  • By Gus "Genesis" Belanger. Glasses that provide immunity to mind control and influence.

  • Shamshir of Silent Speed (VDA)
  • By Gary Astleford. Deadly assassin's blade.
  • Slayer's Staff
  • By Wilhelm the Slayer. Staff that can be used to stake kindred.

  • The Soul Object of Desire
  • By Timothy Toner. Think Dorian Grey.

  • Spear of Destiny
  • By Gunther Draven. The spear used to wound Christ during the crucifixion.

  • Sun Knife
  • By Daniel Raino. Nuclear-powered blade.

  • Sword of Alimantier
  • By Chris Wilson. Brujah-possessed piece of deadly art.

  • Sword of Gunze (KOE)
  • By Joshua Lee Peryea. Potent demon slayer of the East.


  • Talisman of the Ravnos
  • By Diane Moore. An item that protects the owner from possession by wraiths.

  • Talons of Satan (VDA)
  • By Alexander Mischo. A claw of the Prince of Darkness himself.

  • Thor Hammer
  • By Tom Lewis. Powerful and unique weapon.


  • Whip of Angels
  • By Andrew Cram. Weapon and status symbol of the Fallen Angels.


  • Yin and Yang (KOE)
  • By Timothy M. McGinness. A pair of Chi empowered guns.