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  • Almighty Drum God
  • By Diane Keating Sciacca. Patron of drummers.


  • Behemoth
  • By Axle Steele. Mourners of lost civilizations.

  • Black Annis
  • By Colin Chapman. a terrifying predatory spirit of the Scottish Highlands.

  • Black Sun
  • By Diane Keating. Celestine of the Eclipse.

  • Bokwus
  • By Colin Chapman. A mighty Native American forest protector.


  • Card Sharks
  • By Deirdre Brooks. Fomori addicts to Black Dog's Mystic: the Grouping.

  • Cenobites
  • By Ian Wilson. About Clive Barker's demonic creations.

  • Cenobites/Leviathan
  • By Chris Bova. Clive Barker's creations explained from a Werewolf perspective.

  • Chenoo
  • By Colin Chapman. Powerful rock elemental spirits.

  • Children of the Yellow Sign
  • By Jim Kinney. Freak Legion style fomori who obsess over a mysterious yellow rune.

  • Chiropterix
  • By Jay Turner. Freak Legion style fomori-werebats.

  • Cu Sith
  • By Colin Chapman Great Fae Dog of the Highlands.

  • Cyber-Fomori
  • By Kevin Kerr. Genetically and bionically enhanced fomori.


  • Dracul
  • By C. Spencer Roberts. An infernalist family of ghoul fomori.

  • Dreamtime Gafflings and Jagglings
  • By Tony Frisco. Spirits of the Dreamtime.

  • Drug Lord
  • By Emilio Martin. Banes who produce highly addictive and will-draining substances.


  • Ectowolves
  • By Adam Solisa. Garou-wraiths.


  • Minds Eye Theatre Fomori (MET)
  • By Daniel Utecht, Darin Terwilliger and Robert Vierra. LARP rules for Fomori.

  • The Forgotten
  • By Todd Weaver. A bane of the unborn.


  • The Host
  • By Adam Solis. Similar to Kami, Fomori and Risen: individuals possessed by spirits.

  • The House that Jack Built
  • By Todd Weaver. A bane that possesses and corrupts an area.


  • Insect totems
  • By Jason C. Marshall. In addition to totems, contains spirits, banes and fomori.


  • Kelpie
  • By Colin Chapman. Aquatic bane that lures victims to their deaths.

  • Kinfolk (REV)
  • By Paul Strack. From their perspective.

  • K'uei
  • By Colin Chapman. Chinese banes.


  • Lares
  • By Jacob Williamson. Minor elemental spirits.

  • Lycanthrope: The Changing
  • By Charles W. Plemons III. Sort of like a garou equivalent to the ghoul, combining aspects of fomori and Skin Dancers.


  • Nu'atha Morghanna
  • By Mark Bateman. An immensely powerful British dragon.

  • Nyobi's Claws
  • By Rafael Kaufmann. The vengeful spirit of a vanquished Simba.


  • Paligon
  • By Hastur the 7th. Pokémon Pentex style.

  • Pestilencarians
  • By Ricky Marin. A lieutenant of the Wyrm inhabiting the body of a Methuselah-Abomination who has propagated its own line of plague-infested vampires.

  • Playastorm
  • By Diane Keating Sciacca. Powerful spirit of the desert wind.


  • Rodents of Unusual Size
  • By Fenris Lorsai. Part spirit, part matter, all rat.


  • Setop Missive
  • By Kelevor40. Two quasi-shifters: the Ragi and the Lumberjacks.

  • Shadows and Vorlons
  • By Malcus Dorroga. Spirits of chaos and law.

  • Skinwalker
  • By Robert Kelly. Nightmarish creatures of Native American legends that combine aspects of Garou, vampires and banes.

  • Spirit of Halloween
  • By Drew Lee. Spirit of Samhain.


  • Thunderwyrm
  • By Igor S. Pereti. Think Dune.


  • Wanderwolf
  • By Diane Keating Sciacca. A former Dreamtime spirit now associated with Crash Worship.