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  • AD&D Chimera
  • By Rob Pool. Adaptions of several D&D monsters.

  • A L I E N
  • By Shawn Smith. Born from the nightmares spawned by the Gigeresque monsters.

  • Anime Chimera
  • By Kyrin. Chimera inspired by anime.

  • More Anime Chimera and Treasures
  • By Nagaina. Chimera and treasures based on manga, anime and anime-based video games.


  • Bag o' Many Things
  • By Schpook. A bag that has within it almost anything the owner desires.

  • Brownies
  • By Blake Dodson. Tiny, elusive helper and worker sprites.


  • Chimera of the Dreaming
  • By Colin Chapman. A number of creature chimera, including updates of earlier submissions.

  • Chimera Generator (REV)
  • By Thaddeus Howze. Easy Chimera creation.

  • Cloud Dragons
  • By Eric Tolle. Fantastic cloud dwellers.

  • Cu Sith
  • By Colin Chapman. The Hound of the Glen.

  • Cypier
  • By Cloak. A Dark Chimera who hates love.


  • Dragon
  • By Colin Chapman. Brief overview of Western and Eastern dragons.

  • Dustbunnies
  • By Schpook. The fae of lint.

  • Dwarf Chimera and Chimerical Mines
  • By Scott Pollert. Chimera who provide raw material for the Nockers.


  • Elven Blade
  • By Robert Scott Wilson. Blades that glow in the presence of evil.


  • Gargoyle chimera
  • By Colin Chapman. Stone guardians.


  • Kelpie
  • By Colin Chapman. Vicious aquatic chimera that lures victims to their deaths.


  • Moogles
  • By Robert Pool. Ewok-like chimera.


  • Nocker Chimera Creation (REV)
  • By Russell Neal. Creating chimerical weapons and armor.

  • Nuckelavee
  • By Chris O'Toole. Horrific amphibious chimerical beast.

  • Nymph
  • By Colin Chapman. Comely nature sprites.


  • Plumpupetts
  • By Ahna Blake. Pillow poofers.


  • Sword Master
  • By T. Wright. Chimera skilled with blades.


  • Terrortown
  • By Peloquin. Think Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but after the Shadow Court got ahold of it.

  • Tooth Fairy
  • By Colin Chapman. A tiny fairy that trades teeth for chimerical gold.

  • Toys of the Iron Nation
  • By Rob Pool. Glamour powered robots and mecha.

  • Tribbles
  • By Dog-boy. Irresistibly cute.

  • Tsunami Gunsen
  • By Colin Chapman. Wind fan.


  • Vodyanoi
  • By Nathan Large. Bullying river chimera.