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4/8/2018: This is a copy/backup of the original BJ Zanzibar site which had disappeared from the internet in the mid-2010s when IU removed their hosting. This is here for archival purposes for the WoD fandom. This is not being updated in ay way, shape or form.
Hello! Long time no see! I haven't updated this page since February 2000, but since a surprising number of people still come to visit, I figure I should make this announcement. The site's address is changing. The old one will still work for awhile, but the official address is now http://mypage.iu.edu/~adashiel/wod/. To answer a frequently asked question, no I'm not dead. ;) However, a television show I love dearly is in mortal danger. SAVE FARSCAPE! I don't know how much of a crossover audience there is between Farscape and the WoD, but it's an achingly well done show, and I recommended it highly.

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The World of Darkness setting is copyrighted by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF, MAGE, WRAITH, CHANGELING, their logos and a number of other terms are also trademarks of WWGS. The authors of the various articles in the archive all have copyrights to their own creations. This page is in no way affiliated with WWGS. Reproduction of any of the material contained herein with the intent to make profit is forbidden.

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Twenty Newest Entries

  1. September 23, 2002:
  2. February 14, 2000: (Vampire) Ritual of Lost Life thaumaturgical ritual. By Andrew Farmer.
  3. February 13, 2000: (Mage) Necklace Unredeemable talisman. By Andrew Marshall.
  4. February 13, 2000: (Vampire) Assamite Thaumaturgy. By Michael Ortiz.
  5. February 12, 2000: (Changeling) Treasure art. By dwolf.
  6. February 12, 2000: (Vampire) Dhampir (version 2). By Mike Vides.
  7. February 11, 2000: (Werewolf) Weapons of the Triat fetishes. By Claws Of Fire.
  8. February 11, 2000: (Vampire/Potpourri) Mortal Coil: Giving Virtues and Humanity a Facelift. By Mike Vides.
  9. February 10, 2000: (Vampire) Update to the Wheezers bloodline. By Phos. Includes the updated Rauch discipline.
  10. February 10, 2000: (Potpourri) Wordsmiths. By Phos.
  11. February 9, 2000: (Vampire) Fallen Angels antitribu. By Mike Esposito.
  12. February 9, 2000: (Potpourri) Wetworks (version 2). By Simon Pattinson.
  13. February 9, 2000: (Potpourri) Sameji. By Robert Rodgers.
  14. January 25, 2000: (Vampire) Simulacrum thaumaturgical path. By Tuesday Mourning.
  15. January 25, 2000: (Potpourri) Rin. By Nick Desveaux.
  16. January 22, 2000: (Vampire) Stagian bloodline. By SlpStck@aol.com. Includes the Soliairus discipline.
  17. January 22, 2000: (Vampire) Kawi bloodline. By Seth Kawi. Includes the Etheria and Ombradello disciplines.
  18. January 22, 2000: (Potpourri) Psions. By Jeremy Belton.
  19. January 22, 2000: (Vampire/Potpourri) Necromancy Revised. By Jeremy Belton.
  20. January 21, 2000: (Vampire) Dueling Pistols enchanted item. By Wade "Oorag" Sands.
  21. January 21, 2000: (Vampire) Lamnia discipline. By Dan Mills.
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