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  • Additional Maneuvers for WoD: Combat (REV)
  • By Hound. Based on descriptions of fights elsewhere in the World of Darkness.


  • Backgrounds for Angel/Demon: The Rapture
  • By Jack Rogers. Additional powers for the net supplement.


  • Dark Faith
  • By Fabian Alvarez. The opposite of True Faith.


  • Feast of the Dead
  • Compiled by Rasmus Hansson. A Companion for Mummy.


  • Ghoul Blood (REV)
  • By Abe Dashiell. New advantage for mortals.

  • The Grimoire
  • By Evan Franke. Rituals for Hedge Magicians and Thaumaturges.


  • Hedge Magick(REV)
  • By Timothy Toner. Hedge Wizardry detailed.

  • Herbalism Rituals
  • By Anton van Hamel. Magical recipes.


  • Khenshu's Guide to Survival as a Mummy
  • By John Snead. Advice and some mummy spells.


  • Machinae
  • By John Duffin. Numina that allows psychic manipulations of machines.

  • Martial Arts Abilities for Storyteller
  • By Blake 1001. Simplified martial arts rules.

  • Martial Swords
  • By Landon C. Darkwood. Skill that combines martial arts techniques with swordplay.

  • Medical Enhancements
  • By James Park. The effects and side-effects of drugs.

  • Mentalist: The Whisper
  • By Matt Robarge. Psychic powers.

  • More Maneuvers for WoD: COMBAT
  • By Axle Steele. Additional maneuvers.

  • Mortal Coil: Giving Virtues and Humanity a Facelift
  • By Mike Vides. Revision of Vampire traits, but also for others.

  • Spells for MUMMY
  • By Andrew Cram.

  • Munchkin: The Nagging (HUM)
  • By Peloquin. Read this if you've ever seriously asked your ST if you could play Caine.


  • Necromancy Revised (REV)
  • By Jeremy Belton. A revision of the discipline with information about how hedge mages may also use it.


  • Paradigms Unleashed (REV)
  • By Jonathan Lang. Tying together Mage and Sorcerer rules.

  • Psionics in the World of Darkness (REV)
  • By Brian Moore. Rules for playing psychic characters.

  • Psionics and Pure Psions (REV)
  • By Jeremy Belton. Psionics and psychics revisited.

  • Psychics (REV)
  • By Christopher L Schneider. Sketches of psychic abilities.

  • Psychic Vampirism
  • By Tim Coram. A Numina for draining the will and health from others.


  • Quickening
  • By Seth Woods. A modification of the Highlander: The Gathering rules.


  • Regrettably Lost Martial Arts Styles (HUM)
  • By Jacob Williamson.
  • Rules for Creating New Mummies (REV)
  • By Sidewinder. Playing newly created mummies.


  • Shimmer
  • By Scott Hollenbeck. Boon for the Succubi of Frank Torkel's Daemon supplement.

  • Sizing 'em up in WOD: Combat
  • By Miguel Valdespino. Evaluating opponents' combat styles before fighting.

  • Streetfighters in the World of Darkness (version 1) (REV)
  • By Seth Rutledge. Conversion rules for playing SF characters in WoD games.

  • Streetfighters in the World of Darkness (version 2) (REV)
  • By Charles Daniels. More SF conversion rules.

  • Supernatural Football
  • By Josh Nuttall. Just plain bizarre.


  • Warrior: The Fight
  • By Eric Woodward. Streetfighter to WoD conversion using WoD: Combat rules.

  • Wetworks (version 2)
  • By Simon Pattinson. Numina adaptation of the comic.

  • White Wolf Lore (HUM)
  • By Mike Darling. A new ability for players.

  • Wizards
  • By Strutinan Cerberus. Numina with kick.

  • A World of Hurt: Medicine File (REV)
  • By Jason W. Tice. Revised healing system.