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  • Dharmas as Paths (KOE) (REV)
  • By David P. duVall. Cathayan Dharmas as kindred paths.

  • Humanity & Bestiality (REV)
  • By Bryan Rendell. Revised Humanity rules, inspired by opposing traits from other WoD games.

  • Paths of Enlightenment Altered (REV)
  • By Joseph Carriker. Reworking of paths so they are more like KOE Dharma.


  • Path of Acceptance
  • By Kevin Davies. Ultimate materialism.

  • Path of Ares
  • By Timothy Toner. A path of honor, glory and war.

  • Path of the Assassin
  • By Johanna Mead. A path for non-Assamite assassins.

  • Path of Awakenings
  • By Derek Weiss. A path that teaches that the physical world is a dream that must be awakened from.

  • Path of the Axe (HUM)
  • By Ryan LaBarge. Being a good lumberjack.


  • Path of Beauty and Pleasure
  • By Lukasha. A path that appreciates the beauty in all things.

  • Path of Blind Justice
  • By Fabian Alvarez. The path of law and order.

  • Path of Bloke (HUM)
  • By Mr. Badger. Being a manly man.

  • Path of Bushido
  • By Andrew Polis. The Japanese answer to the Path of Honorable Accord.


  • Path of Carousal
  • By Sean Young. Hedonistic manipulators.

  • Path of Cogent Wisdom
  • By Mitchell Kelly. Logic, fearlessness and a thirst for knowledge.

  • Path of Corruption
  • By Wade Jones. Setites who believe that everyone has a dark side that must be released.

  • Path of the Crotchety Bastard (HUM)
  • By Mr. Badger and Handel W. Care. Curmudgeonly old coots who are never wrong.


  • Path of Dark Litany
  • By William Adams. A contradictory path for following the Wyrm of Balance.

  • Path of Dastardly Villainy (HUM)
  • By Mark Baxter. Become the Snidely Whiplash of the vampire set.

  • Path of Decision
  • By Chris Fieldhouse. A path for those who believe Big Brother is a good thing.

  • Path of Delerium
  • By Emil Signes. Madness and disorder.

  • Path of the Dolphin
  • By Ray Hecht. Obsessing over dolphins.

  • Path of the Dragon
  • By Steve Darnell. Noble learning.


  • Path of Ecstasy Revised (REV)
  • By Cloak. A new look at the Setite path.

  • Path of Eidolon
  • By Benedira. Stern path that seeks to understand kindred nature, but also humanity.

  • Path of Enigmas
  • By Gary Greenhill. Similar to the Path of Delerium, but with more of a zen twist.

  • Path of Eris
  • By Omnicynic. A Discordian path.

  • Path of Evil Percolations (HUM)
  • By Mr. Badger. I...need...COFFEE!

  • Path of Eviler Percolations (HUM)
  • By Mr. Badger. I am the master of COFFEE!


  • Path of Fire
  • By Dirk Tebben and Doug Kern. Enukadu path for kindred who hate kindred.

  • Path of Freedom
  • By David Csordas. Maintaining your own and respecting everyone else's.


  • Path of Gaia.
  • By E.P. Long. Respecting Mother Nature.

  • Path of Glorious Reclamation
  • By Carl L. Congdon. Vampires who thrive on diablerie, competition and self-reliance.

  • Path of the Guardian
  • By Chris Aahz and Sam Sepulveda. Gargoyle path of loyalty and protection.


  • Path of the Hacker Ethic
  • By Christopher J. H. Calvert. Computer geeks unite!

  • Path of Harmony Revised (REV)
  • By Kish Moore. Updated for Revised Edition Vampire.

  • Path of Higher Voice
  • By Tobias. Believing in higher powers.

  • Via Humanitas Revised (REV) (VDA)
  • By Brandon Quina. Looking at humanity from a vampire's viewpoint.

  • Humanity Revised (REV)
  • By Charles Roburn. Taking into account the inhuman aspect of actually being a vampire.

  • Path of the Hunt
  • By Luke Green. Tracking down Sabbat and other miscreants.

  • Path of the Hunter
  • By Robert Kirkpatrick. The Society of Leopold's means of keeping its sanity.


  • Jack's Path
  • .
    By Jean-Paul Molyneaux. Following the teachings of Jack Kerouac.


  • Road of Lamian (VDA)
  • By Followers of Lilith and seekers of knowledge.

  • Path of Liadere
  • By Dark Whisper. A path that is devoted to nature and the destruction of the 'unnatural.'

  • Path of Logic
  • By Sébastien Allard. Suppressing passion in favor of absolute reason.

  • Path of Lost Loves
  • (HUM)
    By Peter Wake. A path of self-pity and self-gratifying misery.


  • Path of Mactae
  • By Diablerie and bodyguarding.

  • Path of Madness
  • By David Michael Herman. Wisdom through madness.

  • Path of Malkav
  • By Lance Alloway. Incoherent Malkavian pranksters and teachers.

  • Road of the Mercenary
  • By ShadowWalkyr. The way of the Soldier of Fortune.

  • Path of Miquiztli
  • By Alejandro Melchor. Path of the Aztec vampires.

  • Path of the Mouse
  • (HUM)
    By Eugene Zimmerman. Malkavian followers of Mickey Mouse.

  • Path of Mystery Science Theatre 3000
  • (HUM)
    By Bill Stiteler. The Ultimate MSTies.


  • Path of Nataraja
  • By Stacey Lawless. A path suitable for enlightened killers.


  • Path of Play
  • By Mark Reynolds. The only way to quell the Beast is to play with it.


  • Path of Quantum Death
  • By Patrick K. Aiex. Chaos theory meets Thanatology.


  • Path of Re-emergence
  • By Bryan Rendell. Setite path of attaining the highest virtue through corruption.

  • Path of Rum and Soul
  • (HUM)
    By Handel W. Care and Mark Baxter. Drink the Beast into submission.


  • Path of Sarcasm
  • By Nathan Harada. A path for angst-ridden cynics.

  • Road of the Scholar
  • By Brendan Dalton. A path for scientists and vampires of reason.

  • Path of Secrets
  • By Mitchell Gross. Jocastation path that emphasizes enlightenment, reverence of the clans and secrecy.

  • Path of Searching
  • By Chriss Fieldhouse. Searching for and preserving information.

  • Path of Self Power and Preservation
  • By Kennie Monroe. Achieving power and protecting oneself by any means possible.

  • Via Singularis Virtus (VDA)
  • By Brad Norquay. Self-reliance and personal power.

  • Path of Sorrow
  • By Fabian Alvarez. Holding the beast at bay with sorrow.

  • Path of Soul and Freedom
  • By Madouc. A path for Salubri.

  • Path of Stupidity (HUM)
  • By Adam Whale. Act so stupid the Beast won't waste its time on you.


  • Path of Thorns
  • By Arthur-Trevor D.M. Lasher. The Sicariot path Gehenna.


  • Path of Understanding
  • By Joshua Henri Bouton. The author's perception of his own ethics.

  • Path of Uriel
  • By Fabian Alvarez. The majesty and cruelty of the angels.


  • Path of the Veilleur
  • By Raoul "Violence" Borges. Serving as the eyes and ears of Paris's occult.

  • Path of Vengeful Justice
  • By Guardian. A path for ruthless vigilantes.